Emotional disorders affecting sports performance, such together eating disorders and drug abuse, would best be treated by a _________________.A. Clinical sports psychologist

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A. Clinical sports psychologistB. Developmental psychologistC. Educational sports psychologistD. Rogerian sport therapistE. Gestalt sport therapist
Which the the following is viewed as a significant growth area in the ar of sport psychology in the upcoming years?D. Every one of the above
The phenomenological method to personality is continuous with the interactional approach except that the phenomenological approach focuses onB. The individual"s translate of the situation and also himself or herself
A. The result of the behaviorB. The individual"s interpretation of the situation and also himself or herselfC. The case a person is taking care of at the timeD. The habits of the individualE. The traits of an individual
A. Situational and personal variables space codeterminants that behaviorB. Personality interacts with the psychological core to recognize behaviorC. Very aggressive people, because that example, will commonly react in an wild manner when placed in an aggressive situationCorrect!D. A and cE. A and also b
The most superficial, and therefore most conveniently changed, part of a personality structure is itsB. Role-related behavior
A. Psychological coreB. Role-related behaviorC. Usual responsesD. Belief systemE. None of the above
Recent research has actually been an essential of several of the findings worrying the relationship in between mood states and performance. I m sorry of the adhering to is not a recommended reminder for the usage of the atmosphere profiling with elite athletes?C. Use it together a predictor of team success.
A. Use it to monitor training load.B. Use it to monitor the acclimatization process.C. Usage it as a predictor the team success.D. Usage it to screen emotional response to injury.E. Usage it because that identification the overtrained athletes.
Which the the following statements about exercise and personality is true?A. Over there is a confident relationship between exercise and also self-concept.
A. There is a positive relationship in between exercise and also self-concept.B. Exercise has consistently been connected to alters from type A habits to kind B behavior.C. Practice participation is highly correlated with anxiety.D. A and also bE. A and also c
Maladaptive perfectionism concentrates on high standards accompanied byB. A worry over mistakes and also evaluation by others
A. High levels of anxietyB. A concern over mistakes and also evaluation by othersC. A focus on negative self-talkD. High levels of neuroticismE. Short levels the confidence




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