"People have actually a tough time letting go of their suffering.  the end of a fear of the unknown, they like suffering that is familiar." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Do you understand anyone that seemingly prefers to complain around everything quite than do something around it?  Is that human being you?  perhaps a greater enemy to our an individual growth 보다 complacency and apathy is inertia.  Most people who suffer from inertia, or the condition of gift stuck, carry out not realize it. 

Today, ns would prefer to re-superstructure the lesson of the moth through you in hopes it will awaken a feeling of self-awareness that may be the beginning of the end of inertia in your life:

I was talking to a moth the various other evening.  He was trying come break into an electrical light bulb and also fry himself on the wire.

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'Why perform fellows traction this stunt?' ns asked him.  'Because it is a conventional thing for moths?  Or why, if that had actually been one uncovered candle, instead of an electric light bulb, girlfriend would now be a small, unsightly cinder.  have actually you no sense?'

'Plenty that it.'  he answered, 'but in ~ times we get tired of utilizing it.  We obtain bored through the routine and crave beauty and also excitement.  Fire is beautiful and also we understand that if we get too nearby it will kill us,

But what does that matter?

It is much better to it is in happy for a moment and also be burned up v beauty than to live a long time and be bored all the while.  So us wad every our life up into one tiny roll, and also then us shoot the roll.

That's what life is for.

It is much better to be a component of beauty for one instant and also then cease to exist, 보다 to exist forever and never be a part of beauty.  Our attitude toward life is Come easy, go easy.

We're like human beings used come be before they became too polite to gain themselves.'

And prior to I can argue him the end of his philosophy, that went and immolated himself on a patented cigar lighter.

I carry out not agree through him.  Myself, i would rather have half the happiness and twice the longevity.  however at the very same time, i wished there to be something I wanted as badly together he want to fried food himself.

I definitely do not indicate risking her life because that a quick moment that beauty but I believe the class of the moth tells us that over there is self-fulfillment and also even self-actualization in put our power into ours passion, rather than in routine, ritual and "longevity." 

I believe, for the moth, the beauty, or meaning, to be actually uncovered in the search of it quite than in the end result... 

The moth was no seeking death but seeking life...


Source:  Bennis, Warren & Nanus Burt. Leaders: tactics For taking Charge. Harper: new York, 1985, 1997.

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The moth story immediately reminds that the movie Gattaca whereby the protagonist takes on the identification of a human with better genes in stimulate to have the ability to pilot a ship. In piloting the ship and also following his dream, he defies his society where work are allocated based on genetic makeup and also probability. However, in ~ the very same time the is perhaps endangering the resides of his crew members.

It's an overwhelming to judge his actions. The society itself is backwards because its citizens offer their jobs more so than people. World are much much more than your jobs! The protagonist wanted the liberty to carry out as the pleased, to monitor his passion. But at the same time, he was a slave to his passion, and also in act so, perhaps endangered his fellow crew members.

For the moth and also the protagonist, life was much more about fulfilling their very own passions rather than gift alive. Your drives were because that a fleeting glow of their familiar passion and there was no peace in your inner-lives due to the fact that of it. They can not breathe, think, enjoy, or love because of that absence of peace. There are plenty of ways come live a life, and also to litter it up in a spark appears such a waste if over there was an ext to live for.

Perhaps there wasn't lot else to live for.


I carry out not disagree through your translate of this lesson.

The great of the moth perhaps brings come mind the struggle in between two self-defeating extremes: 1) Debilitating inertia and also 2)Self-destructive behavior for the services of selfish and also narrow objective.

I interpret the lesson together somewhere in the middle: Seek objective and an interpretation in life; play to win fairly than play to "not lose;" and also move toward something you want to live for quite than something would certainly "die for."

As always, moderation and also simplicity are key!


Here is an debate that we humans are bad predictors of what provides us happy, which deserve to lead to poor decision making:


This is the basic argument by Daniel Gilbert:

"Gilbert is the author of Stumbling on Happiness, i m sorry I highly recommend choose up if you have actually time. It is no a self-help book instructing world on just how to it is in happy. Quite he increases the debate that world are fundamentally poor at predicting what will make castle happy. Their negative predictions result in strategy errors in decision making."

If we withstand the advice to jump right into the flame, we may realize a few years later on that that short moment of ecstasy would have actually been a negative decision. Suffering that minute of ecstasy may prevent united state from suffering many more moments the ecstasy that are much less terminal.

Additional food because that thought:

What we think will make us happy today, will probably not make us happy tomorrow.

What renders one human being happy, more than likely will not bring happiness to who else.



I also agree v your comment and also I will certainly absolutely look at the Gilbert link.

When I an initial read the great of the moth, I interpreted the moth's actions as impulsive and self-destructive.

The last line indigenous the narrator the the lesson, "I wished there was something I want as badly together he wanted to fry himself," is what moved me to post the lesson.

I discover myself somewhere in between the narrator and also the moth: i will eliminate inertia by persistently seeking objective and meaning in my life yet ns will remain mindful the the pitfalls that foolish impulses and also false rewards that are frequently led by a poor sense of self-awareness.

Your last thought the says, "What makes one person happy, most likely will not carry happiness to someone else," strikes at the core of many people's life challenges, even if it is they understand it or not. I'm persuaded that neither the narrator nor the moth exibit an excellent self-awareness traits.

Thanks because that joining the discussion and also provoking an ext thought! ns hope you will certainly add much more thoughts and also references to other thoughts again together you have actually done today...


For some reason (maybe my minimal frame of an individual reference), every little thing here seems to repeat me of miscellaneous I've viewed or check out in a movie or a book.

The moment of fiery fatality that the moth looks for reminds me of scenes from the movie, "Point Break", in i m sorry the head the the surfers/bankrobbers corridor (played by Patrick Swayze) is constantly seeking a means to live ~ above the edge, or die in a minute of beauty and exhilaration.

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Kent's comment on moderation and also simplicity, and also finding purpose in life, reminded me the Holden Caulfield's teacher informing him, "The note of one immature guy is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature guy is the he desires to live humbly for one."

And Charles' comments on our i can not qualify to predict ours own happiness brings come mind a scene from the movie Metropolitan, as soon as one personality says around his parents' generation, "they wanted to it is in happy, however of food the last way to it is in happy is to make it your objective in life".