(NEW YORK) Summer may have wrapped, yet here’s a decidedly tongue-in-chic encore feature you absolutely won’t desire to miss.

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Despite her influential perch by the coast in Sagaponack, Fairfield, super-tycoon Ira Rennert’s 110,000-square-foot mega-mansion is notoriously tight-shingled. Often referred to together the “House that Ate the Hamptons,” she sits on 63 acres, has 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, and her very own synagogue, playhouse and basketball court. But after a small lubrication—one Grey Goose and soda—she opened up up come The daily Summer in an exclude, interview.

Do girlfriend mind if we speak to you The house that Ate the Hamptons?Do ns mind? that course ns mind. I hate it, actually. In spite of what you could have read,I have a very tiny appetite. I’m simply very huge boned.

How execute you keep your façade in shape?It’s a constant battle. I absolutely adore Pilates and also have to be begging Ira and Inge to give me my own studio, however they have actually to get approval first, whatever that means. It’s choose an episode of Parks and Rec end here. I’m thinking around sending the board a tractor-trailer full of Levain cookies. Do you think that’s also much?

It sounds about right, actually. Friend kicked off the Sagaponack floor grab. What execute you like around living there?It’s the only location in the Hamptons that doesn’t have a rotate studio. I mean, have you seen those stunner women? They’d sell their very own kid for a far better sloton the Saturday wait list!…Oh, I’m only half-kidding, darling. Wainscottdoesn’t have a spin studio, either. But it does have a Barry’s Bootcamp! Inany case, here I am.

Do friend have plenty of friends out here? you seem a little bit … isolated.I love Mr. And Mrs. Rennert, the course, since they had the chutzpah to develop me. And also the Macklowes are appropriate nearby. I like rubbing JMack’s skin cream anywhere my windows. The Schifters once send me a LeSportsac that i still use. Ns mean, sometimes I can barely keep track of every the guests to run around.

What have you been reading this summer?Oh, and I love housewarming presents. Make certain you include that. Especially Frédéric Malle candles, hint, hint.

That wasn’t the question.Oh, sorry, sweetie! Yes, reading. What rather is there to do out here? Steven Gaines’s Philistines at the Hedgerow is an all-time classic. I review it cover to cover every year. Ns hope friend don’t have actually too many an ext questions. The driveway is jammed and also no one else knows how to settle it…

Don’t worry, virtually done! You’ve had actually some pretty poor press end the years—has it hurt your confidence?If friend prick me, perform I no bleed? Of food it hurt! i cry myselfto sleep sometimes and also only the potatoes on Potato Road can hear me; just the lapping tide at Peter’s Pond Beach deserve to calm mine nerves and restore my belief in humanity. Oh, I’m simply teasing, darling. I’m from the old school—all press isgood press.

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Is it difficult keeping up appearances?Looking like a billion bucks ain’t easy—or cheap—believe girlfriend me. Let’s simply say Peggy Siegal and also I have a really close girlfriend in common, though i haven’t talked to her because she “forgot” my invite come the Spy kids 2 premiere. I’ve remained in every freebie mag in town, but I’m still not large enough because that her?

Do you ever before think maybe your look is a little—and don’t take it this the dorn way—OTT?It’s not choose I’m put on a Trina Turk caftan, Roberta Roller rabbit pajamas or one of those Ralph Lauren pony shirts through the gigantic logo across the chest! I’m not a yellow Lamborghini. I’m a subtle shade that taupe, thank you an extremely much.