One that my favorite songs through ALW is "The love Is slow to Learn". I always thought he composed this because that "Love never Dies", but then I recently read (on an additional site) that was initially written for "Woman In White". Currently I"m not sure? What is the history of this song? Is it had in any kind of of his musicals? 

As much as I understand it premiered as “The love is slow to Learn” sung through Kiri car Kanawa at the Albert room Concert. The was originally intended for the Phantom sequel prior to it had actually a title. Then once he appeared to give up the project for a time the melody to be recycled and also became “Our type of Love” in The Beautiful Game, a much superior song with premium lyrics. Then once he choose up the Phantom sequel again “Our type of Love” was cut from The Beautiful Game, which to be retitled The guys in the photo for a time and also now appears to be The Beautiful video game again. The melody then came to be the title tune in Love never Dies.

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Wow! thanks for that. I have actually the recording from Kiri car Kanawa ~ above the CD compilation "DIVAS" and fell in love v the song. I guess that"s as soon as I was familiar with it gift in the Phantom sequel. Did "The Beautiful Game" ever before make it to Broadway? I"m not familiar with that. 

The Beautiful video game played for nearly a year in the West End yet was not taken into consideration a success and also did not carry to Broadway. There is a cast album through a handful of exciting songs. “Our type of Love” is precious a listen if you prefer the melody.

Minor note: the lyricist, Don Black, later recycled "The heart is sluggish to Learn" as the location of a track in frank Wildhorn"s Dracula.

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David10086 said: "Wow! many thanks for that. I have the recording fromKiri te Kanawa ~ above the CD compilation "DIVAS" and fell in love with the song. I guess that"s once I was familiar with it gift in the Phantom sequel.Did "The Beautiful Game" ever make it to Broadway? I"m not familiar with that."I did see The Beautiful gamings in the London run. The version I saw focused on the impact of sectarian violence in north Ireland top top young guys who play football ( once referred to as "the beautiful game" by football great Pele, if i am not mistaken) as soon as they to be in school. It to be the saddest Lloyd Webber musical ns have ever before seen. There were some beautiful songs, including Our kind of Love ( aka The love is slow to Learn, etc) however my favorite was God"s Own nation . Here"s a choral version of God"s Own nation ( the track was sung in the pat by one of the woman leads) -- ns think I discovered a version that might have come indigenous the play chin --