Which kind of wave needs a product medium with which to travel?A: SoundB: TelevisionC: RadioD: X Ray

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A single vibratory disturbance relocating through a tool is called...A: a nodeB: an antinodeC: a stand waveD: a pulse
As a transverse tide travels v a medium, the individual particles of the tool move...A: perpendicular come the direction of tide travelB: parallel come the direction of tide travelC: in circlesD: in ellipses
A periodic wave transfers...A: energy, onlyB: mass, onlyC: both energy and also massD: neither energy nor mass
Which type of wave needs a product medium through which to travel?A: radio waveB: microwaveC: light waveD: mechanical wave
A ringing bell is located in a chamber. As soon as the waiting is eliminated from the chamber, why deserve to the bell be viewed vibrating but not heard?A: light waves deserve to travel v a vacuum, however sound tide cannotB: Sound waves have better amplitude 보다 light wavesC: irradiate waves travel slower than sound wavesD: Sound waves have higher frequencies than light waves
Which explain correctly explains one characteristic of a sound wave? A: A sound wave can travel with a vacuum. B: A sound tide is a transverse wave.C: The lot of power a sound tide transmits is straight related come the wave"s amplitude.D: The amount of power a sound tide transmits is inversely pertained to the wave"s frequency.
A television remote regulate is used to direct pulses of electromagnetic radiation come a recipient on a television. This communication from the remote manage to the television illustrates the electromagnetic radiationA: is a longitudinal waveB: possesses power inversely proportional to its frequencyC: diffracts and speeds up in airD: transfers power without transferring mass
A pulse travel the length of a stretched spring. The pulse transferred...A: energy, onlyB: mass, onlyC: both energy and also massD: neither power nor mass
A tuning fork vibrating in waiting produces sound waves. This waves are ideal classified asA: transverse, due to the fact that the wait molecules room vibrating parallel come the direction of wave motionB: transverse, because the air molecules room vibrating perpendicular to the direction the wave motion C: longitudinal, since the wait molecules are vibrating parallel to the direction of tide motionD: longitudinal, since the air molecules space vibrating perpendicular to the direction of wave motion
Which form(s) of power can be transmitted v a vacuum?A: light, onlyB: sound, onlyC: both light and also soundD: no light nor sound
How room electromagnetic waves that are created by oscillating charges and also sound waves the are developed by oscillating tuning forks similar?A: Both have actually the exact same frequency as their respective sources.B: Both call for a matter medium because that propagationC: Both are longitudinal wavesD: Both space transverse waves
An earthquake wave is travel from west to east through rock. If the particles of the rock room vibrating in a north-south direction, the wave have to be...A: transverseB: longitudinalC: a microwaveD: a radiowave
A tuning fork oscillates through a frequency that 256 hertz after being struck through a rubber hammer. I m sorry phrase ideal describes the sound waves produced by this oscillating tuning fork?A: electromagnetic tide that call for no medium for transmissionB: electromagnetic tide that need a tool for transmissionC: mechanically waves that require no tool for transmissionD: mechanical waves that need a medium for transmission
The power of a sound wave is most closely related to the wave"sA: frequencyB: amplitudeC: wavelengthD: speed


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