A sequence is a set of numbers arranged in a certain order. These collection of numbers are known as terms. The main varieties of sequence room arithmetic and geometric sequence.

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The main difference between arithmetic and geometric sequence is that arithmetic sequence is a sequence wherein the difference in between two consecutive terms is continuous while a geometric succession is a sequence whereby the ratio between two consecutive state is constant.

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Comparison Table (Arithmetic succession vs Geometric Sequence)

Basic state Arithmetic succession Geometric sequence
MeaningIt is a sequence wherein the difference between two consecutive state is a constantIt is a sequence where the ratio between two consecutive terms is a constant
How to identify the SequenceThe typical difference in between successive termsThe usual ratio between successive terms
Mode that OperationAddition or SubtractionMultiplication or Division
Variation the TermsLinearExponential
Infinite SequenceDivergentEither divergent or convergent

What Is Arithmetic Sequence?

It is also known as arithmetic progression. It is a sequence where the difference in successive terms is constant.

An arithmetic progression is either included or subtracted. Besides that, it always occurs in a direct form.

Arithmetic sequence instance is a, a+d, a+2d, a+3d, a+4d. where a is the an initial term and d is a typical difference.

Therefore, the arithmetic succession formula is a + (n-1) d

Question Example

Identify the first term and calculate the common difference is the sequence. 3, 8, 13, 18, 23 . . .

a=3 d= second term – very first term hence, 8-3 = 5

What Is Geometric Sequence?

It is also known as geometric progression. The is a sequence wherein the ratio in between successive terms is constant.

Geometric development is either multiply or divide. Besides that, a geometric sequence wake up in exponential form.

The usual ratio is a fixed and also a non-zero number. For instance, 3, 6, 12, 24… The common ratio here is 2.

The geometric succession is expressed as a, ar, ar², ar³, ar4 and also so on. Where a is the first term and r is the common ratio.

Therefore, the geometric succession formula is an=arn-1

Geometric sequence example 3, 9, 27, 81…

a=3 r=9/3 n= fifth term

Hence, an=3 X 35-1

The final result is 3 x 81= 243

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Main Difference between Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence

An arithmetic succession is a perform of number with successive terms having continuous difference conversely, geometric sequence is a perform of numbers with succeeding terms having actually a consistent ratioAn arithmetic sequence has actually a typical difference conversely, geometric sequence has actually a common ratioThe brand-new term of one arithmetic sequence is either added or subtracted whereas the of a geometric sequence is one of two people multiply or dividedVariation of members in arithmetic succession is direct while those of geometric succession is exponentialAn limitless arithmetic sequence is divergent whereas that of a geometric sequence is either divergent or convergent

Similarities between Arithmetic and also Geometric Sequence

Both monitor a strictly patternBoth have actually a consistent quantityBoth often tend to confused students

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FAQs about Arithmetic and also Geometric Sequence

exactly how Are Arithmetic and Geometric assignment Similar?

Both sequence have a constant quantity. This often tends to confused a most students while sitting for your exams.

are Geometric assignment Linear?

No. Geometric sequences are exponential attributes such the the n-value rises by a consistent value that one and also the f (n) value boosts by multiples the r.

Why Is It called a Geometric Sequence?

It’s dubbed a geometric sequence since the numbers go from one number to one more by diving or multiplying by a similar value.

Comparison Video


The over comprehensive information about arithmetic and geometric succession is quite sufficient to spearhead easier understanding.

However, these 2 sequences could appear comparable in an check setup and cause a lot of confusion. Doing much more practise will help to settle the problem.

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Calculating inquiries relating come arithmetic sequence are means simple but those of geometric sequence often tend to posture a lot of challenges.