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This science fiction book by S.A. Bodeen is released by Feiwel and Friends, a department of Macmillan.

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The Compound is written for kids ages 12 and up. The age variety reflects readability and not necessarily contents appropriateness.

Eli Yanakakis is the 9-year-old kid of billionaire Rex Yanakakis, a man obsessed through the opportunity of atom war. When a atom bomb drops on the joined States, Rex bring his family into a large, furnished autumn shelter. Rex accidentally pipeline behind his child Eddy, who is Eli’s twin. Eli start the compound with his parents, his enlarge sister, Lexie, and his younger sister, Therese.

Six year later, Eli wonders if his brother may have somehow survived the fallout external the family compound. Life in the link is getting an ext difficult. Eli’s mom, Clea, is pregnant with her fourth child in 6 years. The 3 youngest Yanakakis children are called the Supplements, and also Eli has never met them. These three youngsters live in a yellow room in the compound, yet Eli prevents going close to the room. Eli’s mother cares around the Supplements, yet Eli go not desire to get attached come them due to the fact that he knows the his father intends because that these youngsters to it is in a food source for the older family members. Eli’s mother doesn’t to trust her husband.

Rex shows Eli a distinct laboratory wherein he plans come clone a human being being. Eli go not want Rex come clone members of the family members in bespeak to have a bigger supply the meat. Eli gives in to his mother’s inquiry to meet the Supplements. The children’s names space Lucas, Quinn and also Cara. Eli establishes a deep love because that the children and also tries to convince Lexie that they should stand up against their father and also keep that from his plan to ultimately kill the children.

Eli discovers the the web works in the vicinity that his father’s study, despite Rex never told the rest of the family. Eli manages to access the Internet, and he communicates through his pair brother, Eddy, who is tho alive exterior the compound. Eli discovers the there was no nuclear fallout. Eddy had thought that his parents and siblings were dead. Rex make it appear as if every one of his family, except Eddy, died in a fire when they left. Eddy tells Eli that Rex has a family background of insanity and also that Eli and also the rest of the household are in danger. Eddy guarantees to find Eli.

Eli confronts Rex about his deception, and also Rex admits that he engineered his family’s imprisonment. He claims he want to see just how they would handle challenges and adversity. He arranged your food shortages in bespeak to view if they were willing to be solid survivors also if it meant resorting come cannibalism. Eli punches his father. Rex is knocked unconscious and also is required to the compound’s infirmary. Prior to passing out again, Rex pipeline Eli with a clue around how to open up the locked door that the compound.

Clea, still pregnant, starts to bleed heavily. Eli knows the he must obtain his family members out that the compound before she dies. He finds a empty piece the parchment surprise in the lining of Therese’s oboe case, and when the exposes the document to ammonia fumes, he discovers a series of number that had actually been written in invisible ink. This lock mix contains end two-dozen numbers, and before Eli can commit the number to memory, Rex wakes up and finds Eli. Rex endangers to kill Lucas if Eli walk not prevent trying come escape, therefore Eli is required to hand over the file with the mix to the lock. Eli, Lexie and also Therese need to work with each other to number out the combination without the paper. Eli remembers a couple of of the numbers, and also he and his sisters piece together the lengthy mix by pour it until it is full in their birth dates, add to the days of several well known nuclear explosions, such together the days once atomic bombs were dropped top top Hiroshima and also Nagasaki during civilization War II. Eli runs to form in the combination, and he escapes, but his father locks him external of the compound.

In the woods outside the compound, Rex’s friend and also accountant Phil lands a helicopter. Eli wishes that Phil will help the Yanakakis family members escape native Rex, yet Phil states that that intends to help Rex move his family members to one more underground compound situated in the southern Pacific. Phil opens the hatch to the compound and also lets Rex out. Rex offers Phil a black color box that is design to set off fees to destroy the compound as soon as the Yanakakis household leaves the area.

Eli is angry about the setup to move his household from one compound to another, for this reason he tackles Phil who drops the black color box. Alarms start to blare, and also Phil states that just 10 minutes remain before the link explodes. Eli goes earlier through the open up compound door to aid his mother and also siblings escape the blast. Rex runs previous his fleeing family and also disappears into the compound to retrieve vital parts the his research. Eli help his mom out of the compound and directs all of his siblings to operation away native Phil’s helicopter, not toward it. Eli watches from a street as Phil’s helicopter flies away, and he is not sure if his father escapes the explosion with Phil. As Eli and also his mother and siblings wait in the forest and also wonder what to execute next, an additional helicopter arrives. A search party has arrived to assist them, and Eli’s twin, Eddy, increase from the helicopter and hugs him.

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In the weeks following their rescue, Eli’s mother gives birth to another healthy child. The FBI starts investigating Rex because that abducting and torturing his family, despite the FBI has actually not been able to locate him. Clea takes regulate of Rex’s software agency and takes every eight of her kids on an extensive vacation. Eli end the novel complete of hope because that his future.