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stomatalgia, stomate, stomatic, stomatitis, stomatitis medicamentosa, stomato-, stomatocytosis, stomatodynia, stomatognathic system, stomatology, stomatomalacia

Stomato- is a combining form used choose a prefix an interpretation “mouth” and occasionally, “cervix,” a clinical term because that the lower finish of the uterus. Stomato- is offered in countless medical and also scientific terms.

Stomato- originates from the Greek stóma, meaning “mouth.” This root is the source of the English native stoma and also stomate (technical terms for a mouth, among other senses) and also is concerned stomach. Stomach? ours stomachs and mouths are definitely connected—and etymologically so, too. Discover the link at ours entry because that the word.

What are variants of stomato-?

When linked with words or word facets that start with a vowel, stomato- i do not care stomat-, as in stomatitis.

Closely pertained to stomato- space -stomous and also -stomy. Learn an ext about the certain applications that these forms at our Words the Use short articles for them.

Examples that stomato-

One instance of a medical term that features the combining kind stomato- is stomatopathy, “a an illness of the mouth.”

The an initial part the the word, stomato-, way “mouth.” The second part of the word, -pathy, here indicates “disease.” Stomatopathy literally translates to “mouth disease.”

What are some words that use the combining kind stomato-?

What space some other develops that stomato- might be frequently confused with?

Break the down!

The combining kind -plasty often means “plastic surgery.” What does the medical procedure of stomatoplasty involve?

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British aramuseum.org meanings for stomato-


before a collection stomat-

combining form
indicating the mouth or a mouthlike partstomatology

Word beginning for stomato-

from Greek stoma, stomat-

Medical meanings for stomato-


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Mouth; stoma:stomatitis.


codicilnoun | SEE DEFINITION
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