First point to carry out is to draw the system defined above. Then, create an equation because that the pressures present.ΣF = Fg - Ff0 = mgsin∅ - umgcos∅0 = gsin∅ - ugcos∅u = tan∅∅(max) = tan^-1 (u)

You are watching: The coefficient of static friction between hard rubber and normal street pavement is about 0.90 Ok, first, if the massive of the carr is M, and also the angle of the hill is a (counting counterclockwise native the ground), the equations for the forces are:

Gravity force Fg = - Mg*sin(a)

Knowing that the normal pressure that the floor is act in the car is N = Mg*cos(a)

then the Friction force is: Ff = 0.9*Mg*cos(a)

if the automobile is parked, then the sum of the forces must be equal to zero, this is

0.9*Mg*cos(a) - Mg*sin(a) = 0

Mg( 0.9*cos(a) - sin(a)) = 0


0.9*cos(a) = sin(a)

0.9 = sin(a)/cos(a) = Tg(a)

a = aTg(0.9) = 41.9°

so the maximum angle is 41.9°, if is smaller sized or equal, climate your vehicle will be fine.

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Light shines through a solitary slit whose broad is 5.6 × 10-4 m. A diffraction sample is created on a flat display located 4.0 m a
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462 nm


Given: broad of the slit, d = 5.6 × 10⁻⁴ m

Distance of the screen, D = 4.0 m

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Speed =distance/time3.25=3.00/time3.25xt=3.00t=3/3.25s=0.9s
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If a rocket travels 35,200 mile in 2 hours, what ists speed?QoC
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35,200/2 as there is 2 miles and you room working for miles per one hour.

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WILL give 5 STARS!!!! assist ASAP!!!!
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