Hardcover : 9781554511594, 216 pages, September 2008 , 9.00" x 5.80" Paperback : 9781554511587, 216 pages, September 2008 , 8.46" x 5.51"

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As a son in a small rural town in Sierra Leone, Mariatu Kamara lived peacefully surrounding by family and friends. Rumors the rebel attacks were no an ext than a distant worry.

But when 12-year-old Mariatu set out for a surrounding village, she never arrived. Heavily armed rebel soldiers, countless no older than kids themselves, attacked and also tortured Mariatu. Throughout this brutal plot of senseless violence they cut off both her hands.

Stumbling v the countryside, Mariatu miraculously survived. The sweet taste that a mango, her first food after the attack, reaffirmed her desire come live, yet the an obstacle of clutching the fruit in she bloodied eight reinforced the grim new reality that stood before her. V no parents or life adult to support her and also living in a refugees camp, she turned come begging in the roads of Freetown.

As told to she by Mariatu, reporter Susan McClelland has written the heartbreaking true story of the brutal attack, its consequences and Mariatu’s ultimate arrival in Toronto where she started to pull together the pieces of her damaged life v courage, astonishing resilience and also hope. Now in she twenties, Mariatu Kamara has been named a UNICEF special Representative for kids in equipped Conflict; a Voices of ship Honoree by the Women’s Commission because that Refugee Women and also Children; and also has developed The Mariatu Foundation, which aims to offer much needed refuge come the continuous victims that the civil war in Sierra Leone. A documentary about child victims of war, special Mariatu, is in the works.

Awards Joint winner, CBC’s Young Canada Reads 2009 Joint winner, Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults, YALSA 2009 Joint winner, National Parenting publications Award 2009 Joint winner, IBBY Outstanding books for Young civilization with Disabilities 2009 Joint winner, Tayshas High School analysis List 2009 Runner-up, Book that the Year, Silver, Foreword evaluate 2009 Joint winner, White Ravens Collection, international Youth Library, Munich 2009 Runner-up, Nautilus book Awards, silver 2009 Joint winner, Next Generation Indie publication Award 2009 Joint winner, Best books for youngsters & Teens, starred selection, Canadian Children’s book Centre 2009

“Mariatu’s indomitable spirit will resonate most with teens. ”

- VOYA, 02/09

“Recommended for older teens, however adults won’t have the ability to put the publication down either. ”

- Foreword Reviews, 01/09

“She may not have actually hands however she does have actually a voice—and that is a an effective one the deserves our attention. ”

- Professionally Speaking, 09/09

“Its brilliance lies in simultaneously revealing the shocking brutality of war and the tremendous will and courage that youth to rise up because that justice. ”

- WOW Reviews, 07/11

“It is a testimony to person will to overcome adversity. ”

- source Links, 12/08

“Told simply and accessibly, Mariatu Kamara’s story will certainly intrigue, notify and, in places, shock teen readers . . . A exceptional book. ”

- Canadian Children"s publication News, 08/09

“A an effective commentary on among the many costs of wars. An important purchase. ”

- Kirkus, *starred review, 10/08

“Honest, raw and also powerful. ”

- institution Library Journal, *starred review, 11/08

“An honest and true story told without glamour or artifice. ”

“Will unsettle readers—and then accumulate them. ”

“Told through equal actions of compassion and also detachment that permits the leader to be both shocked and also locked in. It’s good, really good. Highly recommended. ”

- centimeter Reviews, 11/08

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