TEARS the A TIGERCharacters by ChapterEDITOR:Christina Hale
Robert O.

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WashingtonCaptain that the Basketball Team / Deceased. Aka: Robbie
AndrewJacksonRobert Washington"s best friend and teammate.
B.JCarsonRobert Washington"s friend who remained in a vehicle accident.
TyroneMillsRobert Washinton"s girlfriend who was in a auto accident.
KeishaMontgomeryAndrew Jackson"s girlfriend.
GeraldNickelbyRobert Orlando Washington"s teammate.
RhondaJefrriesTyrone Mills"s Girlfriend.
Mr.CaseyA Police Officer who investigates the automobile Crash.
UCA - Unity cultural Association.
MadameLoiselA French Teacher.
NiafraAbundadaA student in French West Africa.
LeoDavisVice major in Hazelwood Highschool.
MarkRipleyThe Coach the Hazelwood Highschool Basketball Team.
JeanGillA class 11 student in Hazelwood Highschool.
SaundraRhonda Jeffries"s Friend.
LatriceGerald Nickelby"s Cousin.
JackieJeffriesRhonda Jeffries"s sister / Latrice"s bestfriend.
StefanskiCenter in Covesdale Basketball Team.
BarkleyStefanki"s Teammate.
ShuttlesworthA Basketball Player in Hazelwood Highschool.
BillySmithA Basketball Player in Hazelwood Highschool.
MacintoshStefanki"s Teammate.
Dr.CarrothersAndrew Jackson"s Psychologist.
MontyJacksonAndrew Jackson"s Brother.
TiffanyBrownTyrone Mill"s smart Classmate.
MaryAliceA clever Girl in Hazelwood Highschool.
MarcusAndrew Jackson"s Classmate.
Ms.BlackwellA city Teacher in Hazelwood Highschool.
GeorgeCompanion that Robert Washington in Heaven.
MarthaCompanion the Robert Washington in Heaven.
Mrs.ThorneA Counselor in Hazelwood Highschool.
Mrs.WashingtonRobert Washington"s Mother.
SheilaAndrew Jackson"s background Teacher.
Ezekiel J.JacksonAndrew Jackson"s Father.
Dr.KellyDr. Carrothers"s Colleague.
Mrs.WhitfieldAndrew Jackson"s Teacher.
Mrs.SweetA Member of Suicide and Grief Counseling Team.

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ManciliA Gym Teacher in Hazelwood Highschool.
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