Playing ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’ through Taylor Swift top top your guitar is reasonably easy. The chords are quite basic, as a matter of truth you only need four chords throughout the totality song. Those chords are G-Major, E-Minor, C-Major and also D-Major. If the development alternates a small bit during the chorus, the chords and finger place remain the same.

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Here room the photos with the chords and finger positions offered in this song.





Do I require a Capo come ‘Play Teardrops On my Guitar’?

I understand that a most beginners struggle with the principle of utilizing a capo. However, over there is yes, really nothing you need to concern about. Every it walk is it enables you to play your guitar in every one of different type of keys without retuning it. A lot of my students have this misconception that you would need to discover a brand-new set of chords as soon as using a capo, yet that’s not the case. You still usage the exact same chords; you just play castle in a different place ~ above your worry board.

Anyway, for those that you that feel really strongly that they don’t want to usage a capo, the video tutorial shows you the continuous chords first. In other words, you deserve to absolutely use the continuous chords in their regular positions; you just won’t be able to play together with the song. Just watch the video below and I think it will become an extremely clear what ns mean.

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In the following video clip tutorial I show you just how to beat Teardrops top top My guitar in three different ways:

1. Without a capo2. With a capo and easy strumming3. Through a capo and some picking

That wasn’t as well hard, to be it? Make certain that you keep a secure beat by counting in measures of four. Every chord big one full measure. If you are still in the beginning of the person phase, ns recommend using a metronome. This will assist you to remain on track through the rhythm. Begin out slowly and then increase the speed as girlfriend become much more comfortable with the chord changes.

Easy Strumming pattern Tutorial for Teardrops ~ above My etc By Taylor Swift

People repeatedly requested to put a a accuse specifically roughly the strumming sample that can be provided when playing in addition to ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’. There are obviously numerous ways to play this song and also the the video clip you’re around to watch just covers one method that i think is easy sufficient to learn even for guitar beginners, however still sound very great as you play this tune. Essentially, we’re talking about a downstroke complied with by three down/upstroke combinations. Anyway, simply watch this quick tutorial, this should aid you to obtain started: