If the civilization from girlfriend withhold that its silver and also its gold

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Leave that There

1 If the people from girlfriend withhold of its silver and also its gold,And you need to get in addition to meager fare,Just remember, in His Word, how He feeds the tiny bird,Take your burden come the Lord and leave it there.

Refrain:Leave it there, leaving it there,Take your burden come the Lord and leave that there.If you trust and never doubt, He will certainly surely carry you out,Take your burden come the Lord and also leave that there.

2 If her body ill pain and your health you can not regain,And your spirit is virtually sinking in despair,Jesus to know the pain you feel, He have the right to save and He deserve to heal,Take her burden to the Lord and leave it there.

3 when your adversaries assail and your heart starts to fail,Don’t forget that God in heaven answers prayer;He will make a means for you and also will lead you for sure through,Take her burden come the Lord and also leave it there.

4 as soon as your youthful days space gone and old period is thefts on,And her body bends beneath the load of care,He will never leave friend then, hell go through you to the end,Take her burden to the Lord and also leave it there. Source: One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: an afri American ecumenical hymnal #535

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Author: Charles Albert Tindley

Charles Albert Tindley to be born in Berlin, Maryland, July 7, 1851; boy of Charles and also Hester Tindley. His father to be a slave, and his mommy was free. Hester died when that was an extremely young; he to be taken in my his mummy sister Caroline miller Robbins in order to store his freedom. It appears that the was intended to job-related to assist the family. In his book of Sermons (1932), he speak of gift “hired out” together a young boy, “wherever father can place me.” that married Daisy Henry once he was seventeen. With each other they had actually eight children, several of whom would later aid him through the publishing of his hymns.Tindley was mostly self-taught throughout his lifetime. That learned to read greatly on his own. After ~ he and also Daisy relocated to Philadelphia…Go to human being page >