Image #2: sitting L come R, guy Torry, D.L. Hughley, Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer. In the Screen, Bernie Mac.

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*“The Original kings of Comedy” stars Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley and also Steve Harvey will reunite because that the first time in eight year on Monday’s (Nov. 14) episode of “The Steve Harvey Show.”

The last time all three were together was for the funeral their fellow King of Comedy, Bernie Mac, in 2008.


Monday’s illustration kicks off “Comedy Groundbreakers Week” on “Steve Harvey.” The trio will certainly take questions from the audience, reveal their favourite moments, reminisce over your backstage antics, talk about how the tour and also movie aided their careers and also take a sentimental look back at your brotherhood v each other.

Guy Torry, the initial host and also MC that the comedy tour, joins the on-stage reunion through a look ago at the valuable lessons the learned from being about the kings of Comedy.

Bernie Mac’s family, consisting of his mam Rhonda Mccullough Gilmore, his daughter Je’neice Mccullough and also Bernie’s nephew Jasmine will prevent by to talk around some of their favorite storage of Bernie and the rest of the “Kings.”

Bernie Mac’s nephew (wearing black and also white striped shirt), Bernie daughter Je’Neice McCullough and Bernie’s widow, Rhonda McCullough Gilmore (wearing blue).

Fellow comic Mike Epps will join the conversation via satellite, live native Bernie and also Rhonda’s alma mater, the Chicago Vocational High college on the Southside of Chicago. As a surprised to Bernie’s family, Mike Epps and also principal Douglas Maclin expose that the auditorium will certainly be change the name in Bernie’s honor.

Also, Steve will disclose that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel proclaimed Nov. 14, together “Bernie Mac Day” in the publicly City.

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“Boogie” (real surname Darvin), who appeared as one audience member in the film “The Original majesties of Comedy.” 

As a surprise to the Kings, they’ll take it a question from a male named “Darvin” in the audience, just to discover out that it’s actually “Boogie,” the man Harvey clowns in the initial film and also whose animal leather coat he tries on ~ “Boogie” pipeline to usage the restroom.