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Also recognized As: Star Wars: The force Unleashed 2Genre: Shooter, Third-Person 3D Shooter Developer: Aspyr Media Publisher: Lucas arts ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: October 26, 2010

To get the black color lightsaber crystal you need to be ~ above the level referred to as The Return. First after you crash the substantial ship go inside and do every little thing you have to do. When you get outside for the 2nd time you will check out the huge group of snipers. After you get past them walk to the circular base and you will check out a red holocron. Usage that ledge come the appropriate of the base and jump on the base to acquire the red holocron. ~ you acquire the holocron go to her lightsaber menu and also you should have actually the black crystal. NOTE:It take away a couple of tries to jump from the ledge to the base.

Carbonite soldiers are simple to to win on any difficulty the very first thing you need to do is take it away their shield by holding under R2 and also press X promptly then save using saber-throw (which is excellent by holding under L2 then pressing square) after doing this around five times climate you carry out his finishing relocate or use force fury and just throw him.

Be the cultivate droid in the first level and also destroy every the rebel troopers but don, t fight juno. After you hurt Vader, you will certainly have four lightsabers.This just works if you it is in the traning droid.If you readjust you"re suit, you will not have 4 lightsabers.If you finish the level, girlfriend will have the same suit in the level ~ every other one.It only has it top top every level ~ above story mode.

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The Borog looks intimidating but he is actually very easy come beat the an initial thing you need to know space his attacks he a handslide assault where his hand slides top top the gound in the direction of to protect against this you just do a twin jump the next attack is that holds his hand above you and to protect against this usage dash Borog will carry out this multiple time next attack he will carry out is a kind of roar to protect against this use two handed force lightning or a saber throw this will just stop this attack temporarily next he will slam his fist down this is the time to attack his wrist restraints v lightsaber attacks then girlfriend use pressure push through the circle carry out this to both hands until he is chained then strike his head with pressure lightning and saber throws until the display says to hold R2 climate follow the button patterns that show up onscreen you have to do this twice to win the an initial stage then you have to fight that again in a 2nd stage wherein he is cost-free from his restraints friend fight the the same way but you have to acquire him to strike the coleseums restraints i beg your pardon will cause him to loss off the edge whereby you have to fight him in a freefall scene to rescue general Kota climate you will beat that permanently.

AJP400 - Unlock general Kota costumeGUNRAY - Unlock Nemoidian costumeHAAZEN - Unlocks the Sith Acolyte skinHARPER - Unlock scout Tropper costumeHOLODROID - Unlock Sith training Droid costumeMANDALORE - Unlocks Boba Fett skinMAREK - Unlocks pressure Repulse abilityMORGUKAI - Unlocks Saber guard skinNOMI - Unlock great apprentice costumeRAHM - Unlocks the general skinREBELSCUM - Unlocks Rebel Soldier SkinSHADOW - Unlocks Terror Trooper skinSOLARI - Unlocks Wisdom (White) Lightsaber Crystals / acquire extra force points when beating your enemiesSPECFORCE - Unlock Revel Commando costumeTK421 - Unlocks classic Storm Trooper skinTRAYA - Unlock saber throwVENTRESS - Unlocks Dark Apprentice skinYARAEL - Unlock jedi Mindtrick