“Star light, star bright,The first star I watch tonight;I wish ns may, ns wish ns might,Have the wish i wish tonight…”

Try to imagine a child whose illness stays clear of them native enjoying your childhood, from doing the things so countless of united state take for granted. Imagine a son whose weekly routine consists of a stable regimen of medicine, needles, treatments and pain instead of ballet, baseball and soccer practice. Imagine a family that would perform anything come ease their child’s pain, to do their boy smile, to make their child’s dream come true. for so countless families, these unthinkable odds room a reality.

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I have actually a group of really special friends who love spreading pixie dust as much as ns do. Itis v this team of friends that ns learned around this amazing location near Orlando referred to as Give children The world (and you thought I was going to say Disney World, didn’t you?).

Give youngsters The civilization exists exclusively to accomplish the wishes of children with life-threateningillnesses and their families, offering them a memorable, magical endure that will live in their hearts because that years to come. No son in need has ever before been turn away. and also through donations that caring people around the world, no child ever will.

I had the extreme privilege of visiting GKTW village with mine pixie dust-spreadingfriends last year. As component of our tour, we visited the castle of Miracles where I stood speechless looking at the countless gold stars top top the ceiling.


 You see, once a Wish kid arrives at GKTW, they receive a gold star together with an invitation from the Star Fairy to carry the star come the Enchanted castle of Miracles. They compose their surname on the star, close your eyes, do one really special wish, and then location the star in the Star Fairy’s wood chest through a promise the the Star Fairy will gatherup all of the stars every day and place lock in the Castle skies that night. For some children, the wish might be to feeling well enough to walk to Disney civilization during your stay. for others it might be to survive their trip. as grim together this believed is, some children don’t make it home.

As you deserve to imagine, the kids can’t wait come return the following day come look for your star. Those stars host so lot for the family members of those children. because that those family members whose precious ones space taken means too early, castle return for years to concerned visit those stars.


During mine last expedition to Disney, Reagan and also I were gaining on the monorail come head earlier to the Magic Kingdom. A household of 5 got on v us. ns noticed that the man had a Guest aid Card hanging from his neck. I observed that the tiny boy beside his mommy was totally bald but had the biggest, most beautiful smile on his face. he looked come be around six years old. ns heard his Mom point out something about “the village” and my earsperked up.

I asked her if lock were staying at Give children the World and she stated yes. She automatically started informing me about what an amazing place it was and how much it meant to your family. She talked about it during the entire ride over, and I can tell how much the truly supposed to them.  That week would forever adjust their lives. I wanted to give her a hug, and also I want to phone call her about our efforts, however I didn’t desire her come feel also remotely obligated to say thank you.  I simply listened come a mother who obviously needed that pilgrimage as i cried behind my sunglasses.

My special group of pixie dust spreading friends space returning come GKTW ~ above September 30th. At that time, we’ll existing them with a check as component of ours fundraising efforts. It’sa very emotional trip. as I look up at all of the stars on the ceiling in the lock of Miracles and also think of every the youngsters who have written their names top top those stars, hosted them tight and also made their wishes (“Star light, star bright. very first star I view tonight. ns wish ns may, i wish ns might. have the wish i wish tonight”) before placing lock in the Star Fairy’s wood chest, i feel blessed and also humbled to have had the opportunity to do a distinction in the lives of part truly deserving families.


If you’d favor to aid make the great of these youngsters come true, you re welcome visit our fundraising page at: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/DisneyFansGKTW/2012 .

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 From the bottom of mine heart, give thanks to YOU!

Written by other Disney mother & dear friend: Allison V. Allison is a proud member the the Walt Disney people Moms Panel. She is no a Disney employee. The postings top top this site are she own and also do not necessarily stand for Disney’s positions or opinions.