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This Missouri basic map highlights the location of the state capitol,Jefferson City, andmajor cities throughout the state. Parts of Missouri"s border states,Iowa,Illinois,Kentucky,Tennessee,Arkansas,Oklahoma,Kansas,Nebraska areincluded to show the relationship between Missouri and its neighbors. A little inset reflects Missouri among theother 47 Continental unified States.

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Missouri basic map, Courtesy that

Missouri key map, Courtesy the

This elevation map the Missouri illustrates the number of feet or meter thestate rises above sea level. As you deserve to see, most of Missouri resides at, or more than 500 feet above,sea level. The reduced parts that the state, 500 feet and also less over sea level, are discovered along the Mississippi, the Missouri, and the St. Francis Rivers.

The lowest point in Missouri is 230 above sea level in ~ the St. Francis river (Dunklin County),a tributary that the Mississippi flow in the southeastern part of the state. It develops the western border the theboot hill the projects right into Arkansas.

The highest suggest in the state isTaum Sauk Mountain,which rises 1,772 feet above sea level in theSt. Francois Mountainsof southeast Missouri.It"s located in iron County, about 110 miles southern ofSt. Louis.The 7,500-acre state park,Taum Sauk hill State Parksurrounds Taum Sauk Mountain.

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