When it involves driving safely, you more than likely don’t think about the position of her seat. It’s no mystery the majority of automobile accidents and injuries room the an outcome of danger driving behavior like texting, speeding, and driving under the influence. However, the distance of the steering wheel deserve to play an essential role in driver safety. This is particularly important when you take into consideration the strength and also sensitivity the steering wheel airbags.

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What is the encourage Steering Wheel Position?

The national Highway web traffic Safety administration along v the insurance money Institute because that Highway safety state that a distance of 10 or more inches native the steering wheel is safe. This is as result of the power and impact that one airbag deserve to produce. Research states that on average, a steering wheel airbag generates a force of practically 2,000 pounds and also expands at about 200 miles every hour. This method drivers sitting as well close to the steering wheel are at too much risk for severe and also detrimental injuries. This threat is even more prevalent because that women; the Centers for an illness Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that women are more than 47% more likely than guys to be seriously injured in a collision because of their smaller sized bodies and preferred driving positions.

To aid drivers keep a safe distance between themselves and also the steering wheel, we have actually compiled a list of valuable tips to acquire you steering comfortably and also safely.

Push the seat backTilt the steering wheel under to avoid impact to the challenge or chestUse a telescoping steering wheel to relocate it far from your chest (If possible)Have pedal adjusters installedRecline the top part of the seatback while maintaining existing distanceUse power-adjustable pedals (If possible)

Many automobile companies have started developing power-adjustable pedals that deserve to give drivers an extra 3 inches of pedal length. This method drivers with brief legs or height can readjust the gas, brake, and clutch pedals without having to move their seats closer to the front of the car.

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At aramuseum.org legislation Group, our Los Angeles auto accident attorneys genuinely care about your safety. We understand that control is a natural and necessary part of virtually every person’s life. Because that this reason, us hope the you exercise safe driving habits and also conditions in order to protect against unnecessary harm.

If you have been severely injured by an airbag, contact out Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyers today. We might be maybe to help you recuperate financial compensation for clinical expenses, lost wages, and also emotional distress. When building your case, us will have the ability to determine whether one more driver led to your injuries or if the automobile manufacturer have to be held liable.

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