As the bloody motorcycle drama Sons of Anarchy concluded its seven-season operation Dec. 9 on FX, the swan song, "Come sign up with the Murder," debuts at No. 9 top top"s hot Rock songs chart. The initial track is attributed to the show"s house band, the forest Rangers, and also White Buffalo (a.k.a. Singer/songwriter Jake Smith). It also starts at No. 93 top top the hot 100 (No. 93) through 40,000 download sold, follow to Nielsen Music.

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Anarchy creator cut Sutter composed the text to the more-than-seven-minute track, which closed the end the series" finale. The solitary with be consisted of on the Songs the Anarchy, Vol. 4 soundtrack (due Feb. 24). The relax will additionally include Ed Sheeran"s sheathe of Foy Vance"s "Make that Rain," together heard in the Dec. 2 episode; it debuted at No. 34 on the hot 100 last week through 107,000 sold.

Ed Sheeran consists Foy Vance"s "Make that Rain" because that "Sons of Anarchy"

The forest Rangers are a team of musicians led by collection music at sight Bob Thiele and have taped covers and also original music because that the present (including its template song) since 2008. They"ll relax their first album of original music next year.

McCARTNEY"S "FUTURE": additionally on hot Rock Songs, Paul McCartney"s "Hope for the Future" debuts in ~ No. 44, through the majority (38 percent) that its chart points from streaming. In the video clip for the song, i m sorry was written for and also appears top top the soundtrack come the video game Destiny, McCartney shows up as a hologram. The track topped the + Twitter Trending 140 top top Dec. 8 and 9.

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SMASHING RETURN: alternate vets the wrecking Pumpkins score the height debut (No. 5) on top Rock Albums v Monuments to an Elergy (22,000 sold). The band"s nine studio album dating to the 1991 debut likewise starts in ~ No. 2 on alternate Albums. Billy Corgan is the only founding member of the band that plays on the new set. He"s joined by guitarist Jeff Schroeder, who joined in 2007, and guest rock icon Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) ~ above drums. The smashing Pumpkins" last studio album, Oceania, debuted at No. 2 on height Rock Albums in 2012 through 53,000 sold.

A track from the new set, "One and also All," marks the group"s first entry top top Mainstream rock Songs because 2008; it ranks at No. 36 after debuting in ~ No. 34 three weeks ago. The band topped the chart for 2 weeks in 1996 through "1979," i m sorry also significant its ideal peak ~ above the hot 100 (No. 12). "1979" is from shattering Pumpkins" just No. 1 top top the 200, 1995"s Mellon Collie and also the boundless Sadness.