FlourishAnyway believes over there is a playlist because that just around any situation and is ~ above a mission come unite and entertain the civilization through song.

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Explore constructing walls—or not—with a playlist the pop, rock, country, folk, and also metal music. We explore structure walls, tearing wall surfaces down, climbing walls, creating on the walls, being a fly on the wall, placing your ago to the wall, and also more!

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Each of us Is a Bricklayer

Each of us is a bricklayer, structure defensive wall surfaces of ideas and feelings. Castle insulate our soft egos and also seal off the vulnerable part of ourselves native one an additional as successfully as physical barriers. What do you hide behind her wall?

We build walls when we feel threatened. What do you fear?

Explore wall surfaces in pop, rock, country, folk, and also metal music v this playlist. We take a look at famous songs around building walls, tearing wall surfaces down, climb the walls, writing on the walls, gift a fly on the wall, putting your back to the wall, and even more.

1. "Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd

Probably the very first song that pertains to mind once you think the songs about walls is this standard rock ditty, right? A protest against rigid schooling, this 1979 an international chart-topper was called by Rolling Stone magazine as one of "The 500 biggest Songs of all Time." The kind of wall surface Pink Floyd is referring about is blind compliance and also conformity.

Wall Lyrics:

All in every you're just one more brick in the wallAll in all you're just an additional brick in the wall.

2. "Walls" by queens of Leon

The dejected guy in this 2016 absent ballad has torn down the emotional wall surfaces that safeguarded his heart from breaking. He's to adjust his feel on the line because that the woman he loves and has left his love exposed and also vulnerable come rejection.

Unfortunately, his lover has crushed his spirits. You can bet those emotional wall surfaces will be developed even greater when it involves his following relationship.

Wall Lyrics:

When the wall surfaces come downOne by one I'm seein' lock fallSome just don't present up at allI'm just right here to struggle the fireOh, a man ain't a male unless he has actually desire.

3. "Crumblin' Down" by john Cougar Mellencamp

The narrator in this 1983 classic rock song attributes a man who feeling dishonorably treated by a device that make the efforts to breakdown his wall of self-respect and also identity that he built through tough work. Authority has tried to break him down and also has made the feel choose their whipping boy.

Wall Lyrics:

Second best is what you get 'Til you discover to bending the rules Time respects no person and also when you lift up must fall They're waiting exterior To insurance claim my crumblin' walls.

4. "Walls" by Bon Jovi

Reflecting both interpersonal and physical walls such as those the populate current events, this 2016 rock song provides a statement around standing up because that those who require your help. The narrator describes learning native his parents about the importance of advocating because that those less fortunate, consisting of the lonely, the helpless, the hurting, and broken. Walls divide us, and he implores united state to tear them down and build more bridges, as "these days we're all just trying to find a ar that we contact home."

Wall Lyrics:

These walls room the mountains that us climbThese walls are the good divideBrick by brickGonna clock them fallBuild more bridgesTear under walls.

5. "Walls" through Ruben

In this electronic pop tune from 2018, the narrator describes himself as someone who has developed walls roughly himself so that he wouldn't have to experience emotion. Together a male, he has been conditioned to push pain down deep and also make self emotionally inaccessible.

However, now those protective walls space weakening, and they're about to crash. He's in a dark ar with his psychological health, and he's getting to out throughout the fragile walls to get love and understanding.

Ruben is a Norweigan artist. Watch because that him to become the next large thing. I have actually a hunch about this one!

Wall Lyrics:

But the wind has actually changedMy walls are weakeningThey're gonna autumn soonAnd I'm gonna need you.

6. "Writing's on the Wall" by Sam Smith

Although this James Bond theme track received mixed reviews, the 2015 orchestral pop track won both a golden Globe Award and an Academy Award. The expression "writing's ~ above the wall" references imminent disaster. The narrator explains successfully sidestepping "misfortune" in the past, but he feels prefer this time will note his undoing. He's talking around falling in love rather than actually dying, however.

Wall Lyrics:

Tell me is this whereby I give it all up?For girlfriend I have to risk the all'Cause the writing's ~ above the wall.

7. "Tonight ns Climbed the Wall" by Alan Jackson

When a marriage is ~ above the rocks, the feuding spouses develop a wall of discord and distrust between themselves with each snide remark, eye roll, and argument. Before long, the department is for this reason high the they can't see the human they married. In this country song indigenous 1993, husband crosses that wall surface of discord, search reconciliation. As he go so, the troubles that split them it seems to be ~ insignificant.

Wall Lyrics:

Tonight ns climbed the wallAnd took she by the handWe'd come too much to fallCouldn't stand to view it endSo tonight i climbed the wall.

8. "Balls to the Wall" by Accept

Did you know that "balls come the wall" is an expression that comes from military aviation? The controls of the plane have ball-shaped grips, and also when a pilot exerts maximum press by advertise the controls come the plane's firewall, it's "balls to the wall." The phrase method the equivalent of pushing the pedal come the medal or "going all out."

In this 1984 hefty metal song, the German band accept takes an attention in human being rights and politics. They warning that sooner or later oppressed and tortured people among us will certainly unite, then they'll climb up and also turn upon their persecutors. At that time, according to the song, you'll exert maximum power to escape your vengeance.

Wall Lyrics:

You far better watch the damned (God bless ya)They're gonna break their chains (Hey)No, friend can't stop them (God bless ya)They're coming to acquire youAnd climate you'll acquire yourBalls to the wall, manBalls to the wall.

9. "Climbing up the Walls" by Radiohead

The command singer composed this 1997 rock song once he was functioning in a psychological institution. The haunting nature the its chiming sounds and also dragging pace remind me that a holy spirit ill human who is greatly medicated.

The phrase "climbing increase the walls" refers to getting to a suggest of distress, anxiety, or annoyance to the point of frenzy. The song cryptically references secrets, eccentricities, and fears that various other people—those exterior one's mind—cannot detect however which the protagonist knows room there. He's can't avoid the climbing up his walls.

Wall Lyrics:

Open up her skullI'll be thereClimbing up the walls.

10. "Fly on the Wall" through Miley Cyrus

The girl in this pop tune from 2008 chastises she love interest for his unfounded jealousy. He wants to understand too much about her life once they space apart. The too many inquisitive suitor do the efforts to find what she talks around with her friends and also whether she's flirting with other guys.

"A paris on the wall" method that you're able to listen in ~ above conversations undetected.

Wall Lyrics:

Don't you wish that you could be a paris on the wallA creepy little, sneaky little, fly on the wall?All my priceless secrets, yeahYou'd understand them all.

11. "Why We build the Wall" by Billy Bragg

This tune is a 2017 covering of Anaïs Mitchell's sobering statement indigenous her individual opera. It explains what the border wall represents. (Yep, they're talking around that wall.)

In a circular argument, the narrator describes that the wall surface keeps us complimentary from the enemy, i m sorry is poverty. We have actually work and also "they" have actually none. They want what us have, however we'll constantly have this wall surface to work upon. The wall surface keeps the opponent out, and also we'll never be done.

Wall Lyrics:

The opponent is povertyAnd the wall surface keeps the end the enemyAnd we develop the wall surface to save us freeThat's why we construct the wall.

12. "Fly on the Wall" by t.A.T.u.

There's a well line in between having a to like on someone and being obsessive, and also the voyeuristic narrator in this 2008 pop tune leaped way over it. The creepster dreams of gift a fly on the wall surface so the she deserve to watch end the male she loves when he is:

naked in the shower,taking a nap,canoodling v his lover,undressing, orgazing in the mirror.

How creepy! The narrator defines arriving, silently undetected. It's clear the she's assumed this fly on the wall fantasy the end so thoroughly that perhaps it's a arrangement for stalking him. (Unwanted attention can make you want to develop a for sure perimeter—a fence, a wall, some sort of barrier!)

Wall Lyrics:

Oh, i wish ns was a paris on the wallSilently i arriveYou don't understand I'm alive.

13. "Wall that Glass" by Liam Gallagher

The underlying article in this 2017 rock track is that the vibe you provide off is no transparent. Rather, rather can clearly detect your intent. An unfavorable energy and insults hurled towards others will certainly rebound upon girlfriend eventually. Karma, baby. It every adds up.

Wall Lyrics:

And ns don't mean to be unkindBut I view what's in your mindAnd the rock you throwWill turn earlier in that pathOne day you'll shatter prefer a wall surface of glass.

14. "Carving increase the civilization Again . . . A wall surface and no a Fence" by Robert Plant

Depending on your perspective, wall surfaces divide and also separate, or they administer defense and also security. In this 2017 rock song, the narrator offers social comment that significant countries the the world like Russia, America, and great Britain space carving increase the people by building walls. According to the song, nations developed walls that are tall, long, and big, and also they divide civilization bitterly. Then, the contractors hide behind those wall surfaces in fear of world on the other side.

Wall Lyrics:

Trouble at the border, in the eleventh hourDitch and wire and palisade in the heat of fireCall increase the cavalry and dual up the guardPlan for catastrophe within the house of cards.

15. "Higher than the Wall" by The Steeldrivers

The love sore male in this 2010 country song doesn't desire to it is in hurt again, therefore he constructed a wall surface around his heart and locked it up tight. Offered the height and also strength the the wall, he thought no one could breach it, yet then the met a special lady that was as much as the challenge. With enough patience and also trust, her love reached higher than the wall surface he built, and she freed that from the prison he had actually been life in.

Wall Lyrics:

There room walls make of paper, and walls do of stoneAnd part that space made the end of livin' aloneI built a wall surface no one might break downLocked up my heart where it couldn't be found.

24 Idioms around Walls

How numerous of this "wall" idioms did friend know?


bouncing turn off the walls

full of active, excited energy

a paris on the wall

to covertly hear something

like nailing Jello-O to the wall

incredibly an overwhelming or impossible, such that it could be seen as a foolish or worthless endeavor to attempt

like talk to a brick wall

being ignored

go over the wall

to escape

nail (someone) to the wall

to punish, hurt, or berate in a significant manner for a wrongdoing

drive (someone) up the wall

to annoy or frustrate someone to the suggest of exasperation

come up versus a brick wall

to meet resistance or something that impedes progress

balls come the wall

making one all-out effort

with her back versus the wall

in a no hope or high press situation

blue wall of silence

unspoken plan of concealment through police regarding wrongdoing or illicit activity of other officers

hole in the wall

a small, inconspicuous, and unimpressive ar such together a restaurant or bar

wall job

a automobile in the shop because that repairs is parked versus the wall surface with no repairs done and also the customer payment for occupational not performed

go to the wall

to walk bankrupt

16. "Behind the Wall" by Tracy Chapman

There's regularly a wall of silence when it pertains to domestic violence—a reluctance to end up being involved. Bystanders may fear that speaking up means they space interfering in a couple's partnership or the nothing will certainly be done. Yet wouldn't you want someone to speak to for assist if you to be being beaten in ~ inches of your life?

In this haunting 1988 people song, the narrator hears neighbors' violent domestic dispute through their thin apartment walls. Having referred to as the police in the past, however, she skips the 911 call this time and tells herself it's fruitless. In the morning, one ambulance in the street pressures her to second guess her fateful decision.

Wall Lyrics:

Last night ns heard the screaming loud voices behind the wall surface Another sleepless night for meIt won't execute no good to call The police constantly come late If lock come at all.

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17. "Back to the Wall" through The Divinyls

The narrator in this rock tune from 1988 has actually her back to the wall, meaning she has reached a suggest of desperation in i m sorry she feels cornered. Something is possible, she warns, therefore don't pile additional stress ~ above her. At the very least she has actually warned you.