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You can't success them all. Establish you're not alone at failure. Make a playlist about losers and failing. We have a lengthy list that pop, rock, and country songs.Then get ago out there and shot again! You'll be a winner before long.

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Just due to the fact that You fail Doesn't (Always) median You're a Failure

Winners space losers who find out from their experience. Castle stick it the end and shot again.

We've every been losers on some level whether tiny or epic. It's okay. Few of the most prominent and successful human being are recovering losers:

J.K. Rowling was as soon as on the verge that homelessness as an unemployed solitary mother.Michael Jordan missed an ext than 9,000 shots in his basketball career.Steven Spielberg to be rejected native the university of his selection three times.Vincent van Gogh sold just one painting in his lifetime.Actress Elizabeth Taylor was married eight time to seven men. Axl Rose's marital relationship to Erin Everly lasted just 26 days. Neither Taylor nor Rose discovered long lasting marriages.Soap opera actress Susan Lucci to be nominated 18 times for a Daytime Emmy and also lost every time. Then, she winner on her 19th nomination. Whew!

If you're feeling prefer a loser in love, academics, business, or one more area the life, please offer yourself a break. Just due to the fact that you have failed doesn't typical you're a failure. Do a playlist about losers and also failing and realize you're not alone. We have a lengthy list of pop, rock, and country songs. Climate get earlier out over there and try again!

1. "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter

If you've had actually one that those truly rotten days, climate this worldwide pop fight from 2005 captures the feeling well. The magic feel lost, the sky is gray, your passion has dissipated. The track was used as an elimination tune for American Idol contestants which more than likely made losing feel also worse.

2. "The Winner Takes that All" by ABBA

Feeling defeated after a split that she didn't seek, the broken-hearted protagonist in this 1980 pop track feels choose she has actually lost everything. The song was created by one ABBA member ~ divorcing another and also became an worldwide hit for the sweden group.

3. "In the End" by Linkin Park

This 2000 rock song is a discuss the futility of trying to make a relationship job-related when both partner aren't mutually invested. In such case, the doesn't issue how difficult you try to force it. It simply ain't happenin'.

The narrator realizes the brevity that life and the value of time. Don't waste the on those that don't return your affections.

4. "Fought the Law" by The Clash

The negative sorry sucker in this 1979 rock track was short on cash so he committed armed robbery. Sadly for him, the wasn't very good at it, so now he's top top a behind-bars vacation, functioning the chain gang. You can hear the singing, "I battled the law, and the regulation won."

The 1965 version of this tune by the Bobby Fuller 4 was named by Rolling Stone as one of The 500 biggest Songs of all Time.

5. "Best the Intentions" by Travis Tritt

The negative fella in this woe-is-me nation love track from 2000 want to give his lady the world. The had big plans for a big house and all the desires that come v it. However, none of that materialized, so every he has actually left to give her is one apology that he important intended to make great on his promises.

Tell Us how You Bounced earlier from fail in the Comments section Below.

6. "Loser" through Beck

The guy in this 1992 alternative rock track combines self-denigration ("I'm a loser") and a the majority of nonsense lyrics to express low self-image and also not taking yourself seriously. It ended up being an anthem for Gen Xers who were alienated indigenous mass culture during the early 1990s. They were labeled slackers and also called cynical. Yeah, whatever.

7. "Loser" by 3 Doors Down

This 2000 graph topping rock song was written around one that the tape members' childhood friend who ended up being addicted to drugs. The protagonist in the track realizes that he is acquisition life-threatening risks, and he feels prefer a loser v no alternative. Realize, however, that there is constantly help, always an different for a healthier, more joy life.

8. "Lonesome Loser" by tiny River Band

This attractive 1979 rock song is the tale of an ominous gambler, a habitual loser in the three games of cards, love, and also life. The narrator make the efforts to loan him some advice, but it will likely ring as hollow together the gambler's empty pockets:

Sit down, take it a look at yourselfDon't you want to be somebody?Someday somebody's gonna watch insideYou have to face up, friend can't run and also hide.


"We space all failure ... At least the finest of united state are." - J.M. Barrie, Scottish writer

Howard Ignatius via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, amendment by FlourishAnyway

9. "Loser that the Year" by straightforward Plan

Living in the fast lane, the protagonist in this 2011 pop song is rubbing elbows through celebrities. He's top top the verge of do it large and is the talk of the town. He has rich and pretty friends and also expensive bling, however it all way nothing without the love that his life through his side. There is no her, he feels choose the loser that the year.

10. "Poor bad Pitiful Me" by Terri Clark

Terri Clark dusted turn off this old Linda Ronstadt hit in 1996. It's a woe-is-me tune about a woman who is under on her luck in both love and also life and also is feeling very sorry because that herself.

11. "The Gambler" through Kenny Rogers

The protagonist in this 1978 nation ditty speak the story about meeting a gambler who trades him some whiskey for life advice around knowing once to give up. The gambler dispenses this gold nugget that wisdom:

You've got to know when to organize 'emKnow once to wrinkles 'emKnow once to walk awayAnd recognize when to run.

12. "Loser" by saving Jane

Have you ever seen one ex-lover and thought, "Whew, what occurred to them? lock look awful!" That's the reaction of the mrs in this 2007 rock song. By marketing her engagement ring for cash and also ditching she ex-boyfriend, she currently realizes that she has dodged a bullet. He's a liar, a user, a residential abuser, and yes, a LOSER. Time can offer you a small perspective.

13. "Dirty Laundry" through Don Henley

Although Nickelback re-recorded this track in 2016, Don Henley from The Eagles was very first to perform it in 1982, and that to be long before we had 24-hour news cycles filled through ugly, sensational "breaking news" to scare the crap out of you.

This rock tune laments tabloid-style report of negative stories the take benefit of people losing. Civilization lose your homes, your reputations, your health, your lives, etc. And also we simply watch it every in brief sound bites ~ above the evening news. That is really the loser?

14. "Loser" by Limp Bizkit

If you've ever remained in a connection with who who carried out the worst in you, climate this 2011 rock track will remind you the them. The narrator calls himself a loser due to the fact that his companion feels like losing is all he's done since he met her. The puts up v abuse, dwells on the past, and tolerates she constantly advertise his buttons.

The partners carry out the worst in one another, and also the man simply wants regulate of his life back. Life is too brief for a losing relationship favor this:

I'm a loser; yes, it's trueFeels prefer I to be losing because I met youThrough the good times and also the badFeels choose I'm shedding all I ever had.

15. "Only Happy when It Rains" by Garbage

There's one of these in every crowd. It's no you, is it?

This ironically optimistic rock tune from 1995 features a an unfavorable Nellie narrator who admits that she's just happy as soon as it rains, things are complicated, and all is walk wrong, She relishes bad news and also invites you come "pour your misery down on me." Sounds choose one helluva catch, this gal.

16. "Luckiest Loser" by Bowling for Soup

When his finest friend since junior high stole his girlfried, the male in this rock 2006 song responded the they deserve one another. Feeling betrayed, that dishes an imaginative insults to both that them yet claims ethical superiority by saying that he is the luckiest loser.

17. "The Sound the Failure" by The Flaming Lips

Anyone that suffers from a major health condition knows that the advice to "stay positive" can grate on your nerves rather than bring comfort. (Stop saying the to people whose bodies are betraying them!)

This sad 2006 different rock tune defines a young woman's friend who is dying. She body is failing her, and she deserve to neither protect against the procedure nor put on cheery airs while fakeness surrounds her. The world may it is in giddy, yet she can not pretend. The sound of failure is despair.


"There is no failure other than in no longer trying." - Christ Bradford, brothers children's writer

SSG Robert Stewart via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, amendment by FlourishAnyway

18. "I'm a Loser" by The Beatles

The bad guy in this 1964 at an early stage rock track feels prefer an utter failure because he has actually lost the girl he loves. He's feeling sorry because that himself and also seeks to market advice to others so lock don't come to be losers like him.

19. "Dammit" by Blink-182

Taking an introspective look in ~ a break-up, the guy in this 1997 absent song states he won't host it versus his girlfriend because that leaving him. His life is fallout’s apart ideal now, but he'll skinny on a friend for support and also imagines that this connection failure is simply another part of farming up. However, he warns her that later when she regrets their break-up, it'll be her who will must lean top top a friend for support.

20. "Criminal" by Britney Spears

Ever been in love through a loser? Britney Spears has, and also we're not simply talking around those few years through back-up dancer Kevin Federline. In this 2011 popular music song, she portrays a mrs in love through a hustler, a liar, a bad boy.

She confesses to her mama that their attraction isn't rational but instead is purely physical. She overlooks his tainted heart and his background as a killer. What's really criminal, however, is she decision making. Wise up, girlfriend!


"It's failure that gives you the proper perspective on success." - Ellen DeGeneres, American comedienne

Francesca Dioni via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modification by FlourishAnyway

Do you know a song about losing or fail that have to be on this playlist? Leave united state a ide in the Comments ar below.

SongArtistYear Released

21. Failure

breaking Benjamin


22. Love will certainly Tear united state Apart

Joy Division


23. Loser like Me

Glee Cast


24. Beautiful Loser

Bob Seger


25. I Am A Loser

Michael Jackson


26. I'm A good Loser

Merle Haggard


27. Fail by architecture

Brand New


28. Failing



29. Three Time Loser

David Allan Coe


30. Creep



31.Three Time Loser

Dan Seals


32. The Loser

Hank Williams Jr.


33. Among These points First

Nick Drake


34. Say Something

A great Big World


35. You victory I win We Lose

Kenny Chesney


36. Winning

Keith Urban


37. Who's that Man

Toby Keith


38. Someone Else's Star

Bryan White


39. Diary



40. Brother, can You preventive a Dime?

George Michael


41. MIdnight Train come Georgia

Gladys Night and also the Pips


42. She's Kinda Hot

5 secs of Summer


43. The youngsters Aren't Alright

The Offspring


44. The Losers

Warrior Soul


45. Crushin' It

Brad Paisley


Questions & Answers

Question: just how do you know if you’re a failure or a loser?

Answer: Nobody have the right to win all the time. Failing or losing at certain activities happens to united state all. However, generally, it's exactly how you it is adapted to failures the determines whether YOU are a failure or loser.

The an ext of the following features you have, the more likely you room to be a LOSER or FAILURE:

1) girlfriend shirk personal accountability: blaming the victim, happen the buck, pointing the finger, denying problems exists.

2) friend exhibit little sense of integrity, lying, cheating, and stealing to advance your agenda.

3) Stinkin' thinkin' dominates your mindset, as you repeatedly assume the worst around your other human being, their motives, and traits.

4) You show a lack of perseverance or work-related ethic, providing up top top yourself and also others as well easily. You're fear of a actual challenge, pundit or physical. Half-hearted and incomplete jobs, procrastination, and letting others do your work-related are usual with you.

5) There's no curiosity. Doing not have the energy and enthusiasm to shot different approaches and also explore different ideas, you easily opt because that a much more narrow, uncreative method because that's the easy method out.

6) due to the fact that you don't find out from experience, you store repeating the same difficulties over and over again. You disapprove feedback and fail to develop due to the fact that you are afraid the truth.

I expect you're no a loser, but even if you are, friend can adjust your failing behaviors and patterns of thinking.

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FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on June 22, 2020:

Jack, If girlfriend "always" feeling this way, then you may have actually depression. Talk with your household doctor about your symptoms. Depression is a really common and also treatable illness often rooted in a biochemical imbalance. Your physician may additionally refer you come a standard mental health and wellness counselor together a psychologist that can help you through your behavioral choices and thinking patterns. Don't wait, buddy.

Jack ~ above June 22, 2020:

I always feel down and also depressed. How deserve to I deal with it?

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on April 19, 2020:

Peggy - human being shouldn't be afraid to fail however rather view it together something to find out from. Say thanks to you for preventing by!

Peggy Woods native Houston, Texas top top April 19, 2020:

It is not normal to always be ~ above the winning next of life, yet we can learn lot from failure and build upon it. Many great inventions have come along after many tries that at first failed.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 13, 2020:

LaustCawz - I've constantly liked Garbage and found their name amusing.

LaustCawz top top February 11, 2020:

First, a pair of tune quotations:

"Success walks hand in hand with failure along Hollywood Boulevard."

--"Celluloid Heroes" (The Kinks)

"Ask a winner & you'll probably find, ooo Jackie, they've lost at some time."

--"Jackie Blue" (The Ozark hill Daredevils)

As for loser criteria, If you store repeating "problems" with no success, you might simply be front of her time, or, in such a spatu world, you may have simply not discovered the human being or persons who are in a position to notice/appreciate what you're doing & may have the method (financial or otherwise) to disclose you come a more comprehensive cross-section the the public.

As because that "Stinkin' Thinkin'", the reverse deserve to have equally damaging results, where full naivete pre-empts healthy and balanced skepticism. Unfortunately, i was prefer this beforehand in life &, even an ext unfortunately, my mommy did every little thing she might to encourage this attitude.

This has actually helped me appreciate bands/artists through self-deprecating names, though. One mentioned on the list is Garbage, who, imo, have given us the ideal ever album surname (their "Best-Of" collection, "Absolute Garbage"). Rather that come to mind: nobody & The Nothings, The Revolting Cocks &, the course, The Killers.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on august 23, 2018:

Yours truly - we ALL autumn short. You re welcome don't it is in so difficult on yourself, my friend.

Yours Truly on respectable 23, 2018:

I'm a quite colosal fuckup, all of the above lol

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA top top July 07, 2018:

Chris - thanks for avoiding by!

Chris ~ above July 06, 2018:

I looked this increase after listening to Midnight Train come Georgia!

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on may 01, 2018:

Ella - I have a daughter your period who is graduating native high school and it is really emotional time for numerous graduating seniors. You are not alone.

If you believe you are in dilemm or at danger of hurting yourself, you re welcome tell someone automatically -- a parent, teacher, school counselor, another trusted adult, school source officer, or contact one of the following resources:

1) national Hopeline Network 1.800.SUICIDE (1.800.784.2433)

2) situation Text line Number 741741

3) national Suicide prevention Lifeline 1.800.273.TALK (8255)

Please do this for yourself. You space not a loser or a failure. You space special and the civilization is a much far better place through you in it.

Ella top top April 30, 2018:

I to be SO SAD and i i do not know take care of myself or people’s expectation of me and also my mental health and wellness is obtaining in the method of every little thing so the i just dont effing treatment anymore and also everyone i know expects “great things” from me yet im not certain if i will even be lively for mine highschool graduation and also i just cant perform this anymore and also my parents space really worried around me and i simply cant carry out what everyone thinks i can do ://// it is my “something else” bc that is academic achievement, and taking treatment of myself, and also relationships and all that

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA ~ above April 16, 2018:

Izzy K. - Wonderful! thanks for the addition. It's in ~ #42 now. You have a win week!

Izzy K. ~ above April 15, 2018:

Shes Kinda hot by 5SOS

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on January 10, 2018:

George - That's not an noticeable one, is it? However, it's about a male who fails at his dreams and has to go back home and the mrs he loves follows him. I included it! give thanks to you!

george ~ above January 09, 2018:

what around Midnight Train come Georgia. Song about a loser and the loser girl that adheres to him

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA ~ above July 20, 2017:

Shyron - you re welcome forgive the I'm just now getting roughly to comment this. For part strange reason, it to be hiding in my spam folder!

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA ~ above June 09, 2017:

Tamara - many thanks for stopping by and also for the sort support.

Tamara Moore ~ above June 09, 2017:

Excellent! These posts of yours inspire me :-)

Shyron E Shenko native Texas on June 05, 2017:

This hub is among my favorites in her series, and also I love the videos.

A good one to include would it is in "The gyeongju is On" by George Jones

The gyeongju Is On

Grateful Dead

I feeling tears welling increase from under deep inside,

Like my heart's gained a big break

And a stab that loneliness sharp and also painful the I may never shake.

You can think that I'm acquisition it hard since you broke me off with a call,

You might wager the I'll hide in sorrow and also I might lay appropriate down and also bawl.

Now the gyeongju is on and also here comes pride increase the back stretch,

Heartaches a goin' to the inside, mine tears space holding back, tryin' no to fall.

My heart's ours of the running, true love scratched because that another's sake,

The race is on and it looks prefer heartaches, and also the winner loses all.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA top top June 02, 2017:

AudreyHowitt - i love that song, although thankfully it's around others rather of me. Let us all keep it that way! give thanks to you for protecting against by. I hope you space winning prefer crazy in her world.

Audrey Howitt from California top top June 02, 2017:

I combated the law and the regulation won! Love that-Sometimes when we fail we can still song a ditty and also tap our feet!

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA ~ above June 01, 2017:

Devika - You're really adaptive, a special sort of winner. Thanks for avoiding by to leaving a comment.

DDE ~ above June 01, 2017:

I competent ups and downs in mine adoptive country and also don't view myself as a loser. I learned from my mistakes and never offered up on trying something new.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on may 27, 2017:

Rasma - give thanks to you for stopping by and also taking the moment to leaving a comment. I hope the anyone that feels favor a loser will reconsider. Have a wonderfu weekend!

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on might 27, 2017:

Jo - That's the appropriate attitude. Failure is temporary and also you can constantly redouble your efforts when the time is right. Have actually a wonderful Memorial job Weekend!

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on may 27, 2017:

Linda - I appreciate you protecting against by also though you know non the the songs. I'm glad you took pleasure in the "loser" place map. Have a good weekend!

Gypsy rose Lee indigenous Daytona Beach, Florida on might 27, 2017:

Loser will never ever remain a loser if that or she learns from your mistakes. Another good hub with countless outstanding choices.

Jo Miller native Tennessee on may 27, 2017:

I've had my share of heartaches and failures, but I don't remember ever feeling choose a loser. I just thought ns was down, no lost.

I don't know any kind of of the songs, however I constantly enjoy reading your explanation of the music. The maps the you incorporate are a good addition to your playlist articles!

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on may 25, 2017:

Audrey - thanks for speak so! ns love looking increase the supplementary information for these articles, such as the maps and supporting examples or statistics. Happy you appreciated it. Have a wonderful vacation weekend.

Audrey Hunt indigenous Idyllwild Ca. On might 25, 2017:

What a an excellent message! "Winners space losers who discover from their experience." i love the theme of this hub. The examples of celebrities who failed however persevered builds an ideas for the reader. And also the map mirroring the perform of names associated with losing and failure is interesting and fun.

Well done. You...are a winner!

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on may 25, 2017:

Thanks, Dora, for preventing by and for your sort comment. Have a great weekend ahead!

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on might 25, 2017:

Larry - so true! thanks for stopping by. Ns hope you room well.

Dora Weithers native The Caribbean on might 25, 2017:

It's good to have the ability to sing around failure. The feeling of disappointment passes and since you did not compose the song, it's obvious that someone else knows what it feels like. I choose the quotes.

Larry Rankin native Oklahoma on may 25, 2017:

"Even the losers acquire lucky sometimes."

Another wonderful list

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on might 25, 2017:

Bill - happy you assumed of one. Hope i was maybe to broaden your musical repertoire.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on may 25, 2017:

Kallini - I've never heard that one, but I like it. Once you lose, girlfriend sing. I'll have actually to uncover that documentary. As an overwhelming as the 2008 dilemm was, ns hope we ultimately learn something from it, such as don't location your identity in a project that could go far tomorrow through no error of her own. Work don't love girlfriend back. Many thanks for commenting. I hope you room dancing and also happy and also succeeding.

Hello, Flourish:

I'm not sure whether you placed together a winning list around losers or a losing one... I'm a solid believer in "when friend lose, girlfriend gain, when you gain, you lose" concept because it provides me the best loser/gainer/winner/loser of castle all.

I don't agree that life/health/employment/family and also what not is a game.

But if I want to be somewhat convincing - loser-winner games usually develop one winner the end of so many (10? 100? 1,000?) losers who all want to be a winner yet hate that winner through passion.

I'd rather be in part rearguard - when I created a city "I desire to it is in a Loser" i beg your pardon provoked a most comments (mostly native losers and the like), yet I eliminated it. That i regret. Losing comments, not the city itself.

"The Loser Takes the All" is a standard - it's difficult not to choose it. Ns love "Dirty Laundry" together well.

As usual, ns can't come up with one solitary song about losers now, however I have just watched a documentary "The end of Men" - how means too countless of them have actually lost their tasks (in 2008) and also lost the self-identity, direction, the feeling of masculinity...

When you lose, you... Sing.

Bill Holland indigenous Olympia, WA on may 24, 2017:

This was straightforward one. As soon as I remained in high institution The Beatles recorded "I'm A Loser," so it to be only organic that that popped right into my brain immediately. Love this series...keep them coming.

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on might 24, 2017:

Martie - ns agree the we've all failed miserably at part time and also it's just part of learning. One needs to simply dust off and also keep going!

FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on may 24, 2017:

Linda - thanks for that suggestion. I have added George Michael's work again, please again of ice Crosby's classic (simply because it's an ext recent and George Michael has such a lovely voice). I'm also including it come a playlist that ns am researching on songs about poverty and also homelessness. Thanks so much! Perfect timing!

Martie Coetser from south Africa on may 24, 2017:

Auw, this music for 'losers' is a well-needed play-list through-out a person's life. I'm conserving it on mine hard-drive. Say thanks to you, Flourish!

stevarino - losing in love is hard. Ns bet the guy second guesses his decision come betray her trust and read that diary. Thanks for the suggestion. Ns have added it at #39.

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on might 24, 2017:

Heidi, You've triggered me to dig a tiny deeper and add a couple of more country songs. Many thanks for protecting against by and leaving a comment. Ns love that Garbage song!

Have a great day!

Linda Lum indigenous Washington State, USA on may 24, 2017:

Failing? I'm one expert. Failing is tripping, falling, and then do the efforts again. Failure is when you fall down and don't gain up again. I've a pointer for another song friend could add to the list. It's an oldie sung through Bing crossby "Brother, can You preventive a Dime?"

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on may 24, 2017:

Debangee - thank you for stopping by and also your type endorsement. You room right. Failing is just a temporary case unless you quit. Have actually a wonderful day!

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on might 24, 2017:

Terrilynn1 - say thanks to you for her encouragement. I fully agree through you that anyone v a note of success has failed miserably in ~ something. If you fail, get up, dust you yourself off, and show the world you're back! have actually a an excellent day!

Steve Dowell indigenous East central Indiana on might 24, 2017:

A pair immediately pertained to mind, the very first of i beg your pardon is already mentioned - "Lonesome Loser" through The small River Band, the 2nd is native the early on 1970s - "Diary" by Bread.

Thanks however again for a fun and also thought provoking post!

DEBANGEE MANDAL indigenous India on might 24, 2017:

Very , really inspiring. We have actually all one allude of time felt that we have actually failed to execute something. Yet there is no injury in failing . That imparts expertise to succeed in the next step. These songs are simply the appropriate songs come console this downhearted souls. Lovely arsenal of songs. Very inspiring!

Heidi Thorne indigenous Chicago Area on may 24, 2017:

The little River Band and also 3 Doors down tunes popped into my head immediately when I experienced the playlist title. The Garbage track is one of my fave songs, regardless of its seemingly an unfavorable narrative.

See more: How Many Cups In A 2 Lb Bag Of Powdered Sugar, How Many Cups In A Pound Of Powdered Sugar

I assumed there would be an ext country tracks in this list. Mine hubby would speak to those "My tractor excellent broke, my mrs done left me..." country songs. ;)

Thanks for winning list of loser songs!

Terrie Lynn native Canada on might 24, 2017:

Good morning flourish. This is a really interesting combination of songs. We only lose when we quit trying. I do believe that failing deserve to encourage united state to try harder somtimes. Once we succed the feels amazing. I love the tune choices. Fine done.