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absolutely there space a an excellent many examples of dramatic irony in action Three. Dramatic irony occurs when there is a discrepancy between what the leader knows and also what a character knows. As soon as a leader knows much more than a character, it defies expectation, and also this is why the qualifies as a...

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Certainly there space a great many instances of dramatic irony in action Three. Dramatic irony occurs once there is a discrepancy between what the reader knows and also what a personality knows. As soon as a reader knows an ext than a character, it defies expectation, and also this is why that qualifies as a kind of irony. When Judge Danforth tells john Proctor come be certain that he tells only the truth in court due to the fact that "We burn a warm fire here; that melts under all concealment," the reader actually to know a great deal more than Danforth does. We recognize that the girls are lying, despite it is the court"s opinion "that the voice of sky is speaking through" them. In fact, the girls have been lied from job one and no one in the court has detected it.

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It is likewise ironic that a girl, mar Warren, who happens come be informing the fact should have such a challenging time doing for this reason in a court, whereby one is absolutely supposed to call the truth. Further, Danforth touts this court as being especially qualified of sussing the end the truth, and also yet the doesn"t think the reality when she speak it to him. This qualifies together situational irony: one would intend one come tell the fact in a court, and yet all room suspicious of mary Warren and also her motives once she does try to phone call it.

Further, that is ironic the it is, ultimately, the young girl who are running this show. Although Danforth is a very important and powerful judge, a judge who has actually sentenced four hundred come jail "from Marblehead to Lynn" and also signed death warrants because that "seventy-two," he is no actually in control here. We see this no more clearly than as soon as Abigail refuses to answer his questions and also he seeks to appease her, "weakening" as soon as he addresses her. We would obviously suppose a referee to be in charge of a courtroom and also so the is very ironic the it is actually a seventeen-year-old who calls the shots.