I'm make the efforts to install a GE Z-Wave smart switch into the bedroom and replace the existing single pole switch. Once opening the switch I found 3 unmarked black color wires as shown here. Two black wires room going straight into the fast connects. When a single black cable is pigtailed and connected come the bottom screw (non-green screw).

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If that helps, the this light switch transforms on 2 seperate ceiling lights in the bedroom.

EDIT: When transforming off the move via the circuit breaker, the bedroom light(s) and the adjacent master bathroom lamp will turn off.

Anyhow, exactly how would ns go about to recognize which the the wires is Line, load or floor if applicable. Ns tried googling the version (0116E2) that the Leviton pole switch to no avail.


Most most likely the 2 that space on the bottom screw room line and also the other is load, but if you have two fixtures it might be the other means around.

You can use a meter come tell i beg your pardon wires are live when the move is off and the live wires will be the line.

If girlfriend have accessibility to a meter you should test because that power. Most likely one the the 2 that are on the exact same side of the switch is strength in, but it's also possible the one by itself is and also the various other wires every go out to a different one the the lights regulated by the switch.

Thanks. I'll must stop through the hardware save in regards to obtaining a meter to test because that power.

Also if it helps, i noticed that when transforming off the circuit breaker to the bedroom, it likewise turns that the understand bathroom lights together well. --- as

The solitary wire goes come the light. The 2 together room "feed in and feed out" one brings strength to the switch, the various other carries the power elsewhere in the house.

This is most likely the case. I'm in a condo unit and the switch that transforms off the bedroom light additionally turns off the nearby bathroom lights as well.

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