Swiss eight Sig Sauer GSR 1911 CO2 BB Pistol Table optimal Review

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Type:BB air pistol.

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Manufacturer:Swiss Arms.Model:SigSauer GSR 1911.Materials:Mostly plastic construction with a couple of metal parts.Weight:1.3 pound.Barrel:4.5 inches, metal non-rifled.Propulsion:CO2 x 1.Action:Semi auto, dual action.Ammunition Type:4.5mm BB"s.Ammunition Capacity:20 ring magazine.FPS:398 claimed - 450 actual world.Trigger Pull:The Swiss eight Sig Sauer GSR 1911 has a twin action create with around a medium weight traction to it. That does feeling somewhat lengthy as the break point seems to take it a while to get to yet once you understand where the is, you deserve to shoot this BB gun with surprising accuracy.Accuracy:Once ns sorted the end the laser vision which took some MacGyvering (as explained in the video), this gun shot a nice chop pattern! because that my fast test ns shot free standing from 20 feet away and put 8 rounds into my target taking my time. I got around a 1.5 inch team which to be very good and one more note worth pointing out would be the Chronograph results I got, even though the Sig Sauer GSR 1911 CO2 BB pistol has actually a declared fps the 398, mine came in repetitively right approximately 450 fps!


Build Quality:The Swiss eight GSR 1911 is mainly plastic and has very couple of actual relocating parts, I"m personally not as well worried about it, in fact the lack of moving parts method there is less to go wrong v it! I uncovered the fit and also finish to be great overall and also as lengthy as you space OK through the plastic this gun must be simply fine for you. The only thing that would have actually been nice come see boosted would be the laser and also how that is adjusted. As is out of package without modification, friend will uncover that it easily moves out of aim. (I do define how I solved this difficulty in my video review)Realism:The Swiss eight Sig Sauer GSR 1911 in regards to size and looks, is around what the real gun would look like, through the exemption of the create which is sort of a strange looking combination of cause mashed into one. The course gift a moulded plastic airgun, that is much lighter then the actual steel 1911 and also has the telltale screw holes on the appropriate hand side. The newspaper ejector walk work yet the genuine steel safety, slide catch/release, hammer and also grip security are all moulded into the plastic so they perform not function. On a an excellent note the barrel muzzle is huge like a real 45 caliber including to the realism.Purchased this total from:TheReplica Airguns Store.


Much much better than advertised FPS and great CO2 usage. (up to 200 shots).Good accuracy once you get the laser working with the gun it adds come the ease of targeting.Inexpensive and comes with many extra stuff that ads value. (Safety Glasses, Laser Sight, Starter BB"s)Well hidden CO2 tab and also 45 caliber sized muzzle.Full Sig Sauer licensing, decent replica in regards to looksDrop out metal magazines, compatible with various other airguns (Umarex Beretta elite II, S&W M&P)


Pretty much all plastic and not numerous working components (less to go wrong)light weight renders it feel a bit on the cheap side.Trigger action is long and also takes some acquiring used to.Laser sight needs to it is in MacGyvered a little to make it continue to be sighted in (again watch my video on exactly how to deal with this).

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Comments:The Swiss eight Sig Sauer GSR 1911 is pretty lot what friend would expect from a low expense airgun in terms of construct quality, many plastic, with much less working parts. This does not take far from the performance however as the GSR 1911 performed well in both accuracy and power. It additionally comes through the laser sight, safety and security glasses and also starter BB"s as an added bonus for around the exact same price as many entry level airguns on your own. If you choose ultra realistic weapons then this is on may not be for you, yet if you desire a an excellent performer with the replica look and combined with a worth package then i think you will certainly be much more than happy v the Swiss arms Sig Sauer GSR 1911.