Sounds choose something Ma Fleagle (Marjorie Main) would have said to she 2 boys in George Marshall"s *"Murder, that Says*".

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It was used in the film "Meet the Parents" by Ben Stiller, ns believe. Some insurance claim it source in the Stephen King brief story "The Body" which to be turned into the movie "Stand by Me". I"ve heard it in others films also....


The first time i remember hearing it is in "This Boy"s Life" (1993), with DeNiro/DiCaprio. It to be featured prominently in the film and inspired mine friends and also I to begin using it.



"Shut your pie hole!" sound a little bit soft because that Hartman. Ns think his expletive was an ext likely "filthy sewer".

Bette Midler offered to attribute it to Belle Barth back in the 70"s, however I gambling it goes farther ago than that. (Barth to be from the 50"s and 60"s)

It might be local slang from part specific component of the country. I"ve lived all over the US and also in different states. And for example, in the south the usual term is "shut her trap".

Not certain of the movie origin question, yet the phrase has been approximately long prior to it was ever uttered in a film. Read this:


h3. Meaning


Be quiet.


h3. Origin


This slang expression is that UK origin, dating from the center of the 20th century. It to be widely provided in the UK until around 1970s and, return somewhat antiquated now, it is still supplied occasionally. Hunt and also Pringle document it in your 1943 reference book Service Slang:


bq. "Cake hole, the airman"s surname for his or everyone else"s mouth."


The later equivalent term "shut your pie-hole" began use in the USA in the 1980s. That isn"t clean if the derives indigenous the "cake-hole" version or to be coined independently.



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"Shut your pie hole!"

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