Judge Shira Scheindlin the the southern District of new York will step down following month, opening one more hole top top the federal bench because that Republicans in the Senate to no fill.

Judge Scheindlin, famed for her function in make the efforts to put a halt to market Bloomberg’s “hey, you’re black, let’s have actually some cops feel you up” policy (and acquiring benchslapped for her effort) and also her groundbreaking Zubilake decision on eDiscovery, has sat on the bench because that 22 years, having actually been nominated by chairman Clinton in 1994. In retiring, judge Scheindlin bring away her very own advice, after she defined that many federal judges space too old and too the end of touch v technology. We just thought she to be going to make herself the exemption to that rule.

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Law360 has actually the story:

Scheindlin — who has actually served in she current article for 22 year — will certainly be leaving the bench top top April 29, a representative told Law360. No other details about her plans or why she is stepping down were disclosed.

This will likewise mark the end of one era here at over the Law, and also that era is having to price the query: “Is she pertained to Judge Judy?”

The answer is and will constantly be no.


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BREAKING: NY federal Judge Shira Scheindlin Stepping down

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