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Walter C. Shipley, PhD, Christian P. Gruber, PhD, cutting board A. Martin, PhD, and also Amber M. Klein, doctor
BA degree from one accredited 4-year university or university in psychology, counseling, speech-language pathology, or a closely related field plus satisfactory perfect of coursework in check interpretation, psychometrics and also measurement theory, education statistics, or a closely related area; or patent or certification from an company that requires suitable training and experience in the ethical and competent usage of emotional tests. Close

Revised and restandardized, this enduring test supplies a quick yet robust measure of intelligence and also includes to update norms, one expanded period range, and a nonverbal Block trends scale.

Features and benefits

Ideal when you require to attain quick ability estimates, display screen for cognitive dysfunction, or qualify participants for research studies. It also functions well together a component of more facility assessments in neuropsychological, clinical, and forensic settings. Usage for input screening, assessing brain injuries, determining eligibility for disability benefits, measure the impacts of toxicity exposure, guiding treatment and rehabilitation, informing educational or task placement decisions, identifying cognitive problems, and monitoring cognitive decline.

Test structure

like the original, the Shipley-2 actions two facets of cognition: crystallized knowledge, i beg your pardon is acquired through education and also experience; and also fluid reasoning, the volume to use logic to learn and acquire brand-new information or fix problems. The brand-new Block trends scale, i beg your pardon assesses fluid ability, is created of 12 multiple-choice items based on the Kohs cube designs and also offers a an excellent alternative to the Abstraction scale.

Technical information

Normative data room stratified by age for children (ages 7-19 years) and also adults (ages 17-89 years) and based ~ above a sample of 2,826 individuals representative that U.S. Census statistics. Optional unlimited-use software allows you to administer the Shipley-2 on-screen and rapidly score responses from paper-and-pencil or on-screen administrations. Offers standard scores, percentiles, period equivalents, and confidence intervals and a Composite score, i m sorry is reflective of all at once cognitive ability, and also the handicap Index, which represents the discrepancy between vocabulary and also abstract thinking and is calculated only for adults.


Shipley-2 complete Kit

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consists of Shipley-2 Manual, 20 Vocabulary AutoScore Forms, 10 Abstraction AutoScore Forms, and also 10 Block Pattern develops