* dad to Claire.* go on the run v Belle and also Claire so that they didn"t have to provide Claire approximately Philip.* Trained to sign up with the Salem PD* Married Belle black on Thanksgiving 2007 and they are currently sailing roughly the people with your daughter, Claire

Noel Bennett lock (April 1987)Paul Zachary (1990)Scott groff (1990 - 1995)Collin O"Donnell (1995 - 1999)Dyllan Christopher (2000 - flashback)Jason chef (1999 - September 2006)Brandon Beemer (September 2006 - march 24 2008)

When he was young, Shawn learned exactly how to fend for himself, a skill that he seemed to inherit native his parents. He to be kidnapped by Stefano, as component of the prolonged DiMera-Brady feud, but escaped without an excellent difficult. He achieved this feat as soon as again after the was sent off come boarding school. The sense of adversity went a long means in shaping his rebellious attitude and also helped him build an also handed relationship with his father once they sought to track down his actual mother.

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Entering right into high school, Shawn uncovered himself consistently challenged by two people: Belle and also Philip. As the 2 boys vied for she affections, they additionally began come vie because that the affections that her girlfriend Chloe. Although Shawn finished up to win Belle over, that was no to last. Throughout a expedition to Puerto Rico, Shawn ended up being caught increase in the find for Alice"s absent ruby and, in the process, ended up involved with the extremely troubled jan Spears. She called him the she had been raped on the island and also left pregnant v venereal disease. She begged him to pretend to it is in the dad of the kid to spare she the humiliation of the truth. Agreeing to assist her cost him his relationship with Belle.

Jan quickly left for Europe, however, but even through Philip out of city all the while, the was just months before Shawn and Belle began to gravitate ago together. Although lock continually came close, an especially after she learned the truth about Jan, the trust concerns which have so frequently sabotaged their relationship ongoing to rear their heads. In ~ the finish of the college year, the partnership was put off when again as soon as Philip returned and also was paired off v Belle ~ above the dating present Love is Blind.

Jan returned to Salem ~ her mommy died. She sought treatment with Marlena, or so she claimed. In reality she had actually returned to take it Shawn back. She abducted him and held the hostage in a cage, reminding that the entirety time of exactly how close Philip and Belle were becoming in his absence. Together always, he regulated to escape, however this time that bungled it, acquiring into a motorcycle accident top top the means out. The crash left him with a type of amnesia and also a desire to stick close to Jan. She continued to to convince him that they were in love and even engaged. He dropped out of her hands one night once she tripped and knocked it s her out. He acquired away and she fled town for she crimes.

When Shawn was back to his senses, it was as well late because that him to stop Belle native marrying Philip. His feeling didn"t walk away, however this didn"t protect against him from assisting in Philip"s rescue mission once he had gone abroad to fight. Realizing that, with the bear of Claire, Belle"s daughter, it was over between them, the tried to move on with Mimi. Lock married after ~ he obtained her pregnant.

Things obtained a lot stickier soon. Mimi had actually known all of this time that baby Claire was in reality Shawn"s child and not Philip"s. After she shed their child, and also Belle ended up being pregnant with Shawn"s child, thanks to an accident at the fertility clinic, he made decision to finish things with Mimi when her knowledge about Claire come out. Devastated by every one of the deceptions, he drove a car straight v the wall surface of the Kiriakis mansion and told Victor, who had actually long recognized everything, that he was with with him and the rest of the family.

Things went down hill from there. Belle lost the infant she was carrying and, thanks to a miscommunication, Shawn believed that she wanted nothing much more to do with him. Drifting around, the hooked up through Willow, one ex-prostitute, and they moved in together. Although, even with her, he still do the efforts to pursue a relationship with Claire and looked for a flicker of acceptance from Belle. Under on his luck, Shawn determined to walk to job-related for EJ Wells as a courier, a choice which Bo uncovered highly objectionable.

In a critical bid to revolve his life around and get what that wanted, that left Willow and also quit functioning for EJ. Willow promptly melted down their apartment and also Shawn finished up living v his parents. This didn"t protect against him from trying to obtain Belle back, a move which additional aggravated Philip who began to fight for custody the Claire. Once he to be awarded momentary custody, Shawn decided that it was time for him to take desperate measures. He and also Belle carry away Claire and also fled to Canada so that they might escape to Australia. In ~ the time, Willow went to Philip and also told him that she was pregnant through Shawn"s child. She needed assist and readily available him to aid track them down. Philip followed close behind, trapping them on the cruise ship. Unrelenting, Shawn, Belle and Claire took a plunge right into the ocean, faked your deaths and also washed up on a desert island. Once Claire ended up being sick, they escaped to one more island to acquire her medical attention. Lock hid out there because that awhile, Shawn and also Belle argued around the state that their relationship the totality time, until Philip tracked them down to reclaim Claire.

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Shawn, Belle and also Philip reached a custody covenant to compromise on visitation. Belle and also Shawn acquired closer and were married on Thanksgiving 2007. Throughout this time, Shawn chose he wanted to sign up with his parents and become a police officer, yet this worried Belle. Meanwhile, Belle helped Philip look because that his son that he had with Mimi Lockhart. Shawn began to an alert the lot of time Belle spent with Philip. That wasn"t long prior to Shawn uncovered out the Belle and Philip had actually slept together once they to be engaged. Furious, Shawn resented Philip and separated from Belle.

When Claire was kidnapped in January 2008, Belle, Shawn, Philip, and also Chloe go after crystal Miller who took Claire to brand-new Ross, Ireland. There, Belle and Shawn were reunited with Claire in Ireland. They additionally met Colleen Brady, Shawn Senior"s sister, who additionally turned out to be John"s mother, making she Belle"s grandmother and Shawn"s great aunt. Colleen confessed that she sent Crystal miller to take it Claire for her safety. Unfortunately, Colleen revealed the she to be terminally ill and also died quickly after. ~ above the way home native Ireland, Belle and also Shawn, along with everyone else that were flying back, confronted a traumatic plane crash early to airplane sabotage. Shawn"s grandfather, Shawn Brady Senior, died as a hero top top the plane.

Shawn and his family returned to Salem come bury and mourn his grandfather. Meanwhile, Shawn"s father, Bo to be admitted come the hospital for pancreatic failure. Shawn tried to lull Hope and stayed by his father"s side together Bo went v a life-saving pancreatic transplant. Shawn ultimately forgave Belle for her affair with Philip and also they decided to reunite v a new start. Shawn told Belle about his adventures as soon as he to be young and his parents had actually taken him sailing around the world. After Bo"s effective surgery, Belle and Shawn decided to take Claire and sail about the world on the fancy Face 4, a watercraft John bought for them. Lock promised the Salem will constantly be your home and also that they would be back.