Change the moment on the clock on her Pioneer car stereo using a sequence of buttons. The procedure is an easy to do and also requires just a few minutes to complete.

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Locate the source button and press itLocate the resource button. Press and also hold this switch until the auto stereo turn off off.

Press the resource button again

Press and hold the resource button a second time until the unit turns back on and the clock appears. If your Pioneer auto stereo go not have actually a source button, press and also hold the function or Audio switch instead.

Use the arrowhead keys to pick a segment the time

Use the left or right arrowhead keys to select the segment of time you want to change.

Use the increase or down arrow keys to adjust the time

Change the time to her desired setup by utilizing the increase or down arrows.

Press the resource button again to complete the process

Press the resource button in ~ the end of the process to complete the change and save the brand-new setting.

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