One of the greatest things a man can do for a woman is to stimulate her mind, once you can do that I’m sure you will have no problem winning her over. Now please note I said WOMAN not girl, not female…WOMAN! You can only stimulate a grow woman’s mind, if she not a woman she won’t understand what happening. Please let me begin to explain….

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Woman say they want a well dressed, well educated, well spoken man but many women these days are settling for a man with “swag” or someone who doesn’t have any dreams or goals in his life. A well educated man can vary from someone who has a Masters Degree to someone who changes the oil in your car. It’s a matter of how he uses his education and can he stimulate your mind? A very close friend has recently met a man unlike any MAN she has ever been attracted to. They have long conversations, he uses big words and actually knows what they mean and is engaging her mind unlike other men. She recently told me this and I understand what she meant. It’s very rare to find someone who can hold an intelligent conversation let alone someone who challenges you with his words.

Can man actually challenge you with words without making him seem like he’s better? I questioned myself and thought to myself…out of all the men that I know…educated or non educated…is there someone who does this for me? And I had someone who came to my mind, he is unlike any man I have ever met, he is well spoken, very intelligent and can trouble shoot like it’s nobody’s business and he challenges my mind. No he stimulates it thru conversation and not thru mind games like most men. After several conversations, I’ve found myself being drawn in because he is engaging a part of my mind unlike any other even thru general mundane talking. I know understand fully what my friend was talking about.

Now granted we are not talking about rocket science here but it’s still an intelligent conversation and he can hold my attention. Which lets be honest here…not too many people can hold my attention. I am a multitasker at it’s finest, I can talk to you, listen to the tv, do my work and text someone at the same time and usually I will look at someone and say “I’m listening but I’m going to work at the same time”. No, not with him…97% of the time he has my full attention and I think that is freakin awesome. 

My friend is and was so excited when she met this guy because like I said it’s very rare to meet someone like that. He challenges her and her mind, in my book that makes him more attractive than someone who looks like Brad Pitt and has a million dollars. Anyone can make money but can he seduce your mind? The saying goes…”Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I’m yours forever.

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So have you met someone like this recently? If so please keep that great conversation going even if your talking about cooking or clipping a dogs nails! They are a rare breed of man and a great find.