Various gossip sites are reporting the Denzel Washington freshly cheated top top his wife of 30 years with a secret blonde woman at a home party.

Whether or not the rumors are true, this isn"t the an initial time the 58-year-old actor has actually been accused of infidelity.

Washington to be rumored to have had an affair through his "Out the Time" co-star Sanaa Lathan earlier in 2003.

Now 41, Lathan has due to the fact that starred in the Starz TV series, "Boss," "The family members that Preys" and also "Contagion."

According come Zap2It, both Washington and Lathan denied the affair at the time.

A rep from Washington"s camp has actually refuted cases he and his mam are obtaining divorced.

“Denzel has constantly sweet-talked his means out that it,” a source said the Washington"s alleged affairs. “She (his wife) challenged him, and also once again he refuse he did anything wrong."

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