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We all understand them by your character names, or perhaps by their display screen names. But wouldn't you love to uncover out the genuine names of our Sana Dalawa Ang Puso stars? examine out this list us made just for you! Jodi Sta. Maria command actress Jodi Sta. Maria likewise uses her actual name in showbiz but omitted her 2nd name. The full name the Jodi, who plays Mona Bulalayao and Lisa Laureano-Tabayoyong, is Jodi Chrissie Garcia Santamaria In real life. Richard Yap The charming and also debonair Richard Yap, who portrays boy name Co in the series, likewise uses his real name as his screen name however is also a shortened version of his full name, Richard Edison Uy Yap. Robin Padilla Ravishing and also timelessly attractive Robin Padilla also carries his actual name in showbiz, yet instead uses his nickname. The morning teleserye’s Leo Tabayoyong is in reality Robinhood Ferdinand Cariño Padilla in real life. Christopher De Leon Multi-award winning and iconic gibbs Christopher de Leon dram Juancho Laureano in the teleserye and also uses his genuine name together his screen name. His full name is Christopher Strauss de Leon. Denise Laurel The Pimera Ortega we recognize in the present has a yes, really sweet name in genuine life. If she additionally uses her real name together her screen name, Denise Laurel in reality is short for Denise Maria Sanz Laurel, her complete name. Alma Moreno us all recognize Alma Moreno portrays Lena Bulalayao. The acclaimed actress-politician’s actual name is Vanessa Moreno Lacsamana and also is fondly referred to as Ness by nearby friends and colleagues. Ylona Garcia teenager star Ylona Garcia, that portrays the priceless Tadhana Tabayoyong in the teleserye, is amongst those who usage their genuine names in showbiz. She yet decided not to usage her 2nd name, Jade. Miles Ocampo mile Ocampo, that plays Tinay Tabayoyong in the show is in reality Camille Tan Hojilla in actual life. In one of her interviews on Kapamilya Chat, she revealed the in the beginning of her career, she remained in a cable TV present opposite Camille Prats. In stimulate to stop confusion, she determined to use her real nickname “Miles” together her permanaramuseum.org screenname. Nikki Valdez jug actress Nikki Valdez, that plays Kim Torres in the show, also uses her real nickname together her screenname, if omitting her real family members name. Nikki Valdez is quick for Ma. Alinica Valdez Garcia, her full name. Ryan Bang Well-loved korean host and actor Ryan Bang bares a Westernized version of his bear name as his screen name. The real name that Ryan, that plays Chot Jon Jae in the romantic drama, in oriental is Bang Hyun-sung. Ali Forbes Bearing the exact same name of the brothers boxer "Ali Forbes", one could think she might be that lot of bruiser. But, actually, she’s a beauty beauty queen. The Tisay Tabayoyong we understand is Annalie Forbes in real life. She first became recognized as the 1st runner up of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant in 2012 and also won 3rd runner up in miss Grand worldwide 2013. She consequaramuseum.orgly became a housemate in PBB happy Season 7, dubbed as the 'Rampa Rakitera from Bulacan'. Kitkat Comedienne, singer-actress Kitkat, who portrays Libereta Manatad, bears a totally differaramuseum.org real name, Soraya beam L. Bañas. Soraya means "a an extremely bright light". V her second name Ray, her full name completes the phrase "a very bright beam of light," indeed brightening ours day! discovering our fave Sana Dalawa Ang Puso stars’ actual names is truly fun trivia we all have the right to treasure. Don’t miss the concluding illustration of the scintillating romantic drama weekdays prior to It’s Showtime.



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