If your Samsung Blu-ray player recently fell into an countless loop as it fruitlessly tried to boots itself up, you’re in good company.

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Scores that users have been lighting increase Samsung’s assistance forums complaining that their Samsung Blu-ray players began acting strangely last week, through the players essentially stuck in an endless power-cycling loop.

Some users said the menu displays for your Samsung Blu-ray football player would continuously appear and disappear, while others reported the they can hear the disc trays in their players clicking and whirring come no avail.

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Here’s a usual description that a buggy Samsung Blu-ray player on Samsung’s community site:

My Samsung BD-57C simply started law the same thing around an hour ago. As quickly as it receives power, the starts clicking and also buzzing together if that trying to pack a disc. Nothing is displayed on the TV. I adjusted batteries in the remote. The far will open up the drawer as soon as I press on with the remote, however the player closes it in two seconds and also starts making noise again. If i insert a disc, i’ll hear the player start reading the disc, yet then that starts the clicking and also buzzing. In ~ no point will anything be presented on the TV screen. Ns unplugged the player because that ten minutes. While the unplugged, ns depressed the power button for 30 seconds. As shortly as ns plug the in, it immediately starts do noise. Any kind of ideas?

A Samsung rep post the following reply ~ above the same post thread (which, together of Monday morning, was much more than 100 pages long):

We are mindful of client who have reported an problem with boots loops on part Blu-Ray players and also we space looking right into this further. We will post an update below on this thread as soon as we have much more information.

So, are all this Samsung Blu-ray players obtaining stuck in boot loops all at the same time? no one knows for certain yet, but one concept centers around the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates that the players use to ensure secure connections to the internet.

SSL certificates enable web servers and clients, including web browsers and internet-connected devices such as Blu-ray players, come validate their identities and encrypt the net traffic between them. SSL certificates also come through expiration dates, and also while they’re easy to renew, they’re additionally easy come forget, provided that they frequently expire about two decades after they’re an initial issued.

When a maker manufacturer forgets to renew an SSL certificate, the results have the right to lead to unpredictable behavior, broken functionality, or worse—and indeed, there are concerns that a wide number of smart gadgets may prevent working next September, as soon as a huge batch the SSL certificates is set to expire.

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Again, though, it’s not clear even if it is SSL certificates room the culprit when it pertains to the situation of the mysteriously boot-looped Samsung Blu-ray players. We’ve reached out come Samsung for an ext details.

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