Is a repeat of consonant sound at the start of words; supplied for emphasis and also to provide a musical top quality to the writing.

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BalladIs a poem that tells a story and is meant to be sung or recited; usually depict ordinary people in the middle of tragic events or adventures the love and also bravery.
FormIs its structure or organization; the arrangement of words and lines ~ above the page. Some poems follow predictable patterns, v the same variety of syllables in each line and also the same variety of lines in every stanza.
Free versePoetry without continual patterns of rhyme and also rhythm is referred to as _______. Some poets use this to catch the sounds and rhythms of plain speech.
HyperboleIs a figure of decided in i beg your pardon the reality is exaggerated for focus or because that humorous effect.
ImageryConsists that words and also phrases the appeal to reader’s 5 senses; details to aid readers imagine exactly how things look, feel, smell, sound, and taste.
LinesA unit in the framework of a city consisting the one or much more metrical feet arranged as a rhythmical entity.
LyricPoetry the presents the thoughts and also feelings the a single speaker; most poems space lyric (except narrative) and cover plenty of subjects indigenous love to fatality to daily experiences.
MetaphorIs a compare of two points that have actually some top quality in common; does not contain native such as “like” or “as” to make a comparison.
MeterIs the continual pattern the accented (‘) and also the unaccented ( ˘ ) syllables; all poems have rhythm although no all have _____. Each unit of ____ is as a foot.
NarrativeTells a story; choose fiction, it has characters, setting, and plots. It might also contain such elements of poetry as rhyme, rhythm, imagery, and also figurative language.
OnomatopoeiaIs the usage of words whose sounds imply their meaning; hiss, bang, thud, etc.
PersonificationThe providing of human features to an animal, object, or idea.
RhymeThe repetition of sound at the end of words; indigenous _____ as soon as their accented vowels and also all letter that follow have identical sounds.
Rhyme (external or end)The most common kind of rhyme, in which the rhyming words are at the finish of the lines.
Rhyme (internal)Rhyming that occurs in ~ a line is referred to as _______.
Rhyme repetitionIs a an approach in i m sorry a sound, word, phrase, or line is repetitive for impact or emphasis.
Rhyme schemeThe fads of end rhyme; the sample is charted by assigning a letter that the alphabet, beginning with the letter “a” to each line; lines that rhyme are offered the exact same letter.
SimileIs a comparison of two things that have actually some quality in common; the compare is express by means of a native such as “like, as,” or “resembles”.
StanzaIs a group of 2 or much more lines; is comparable to a paragraph. May have the same variety of lines or might vary.
SpeakerIs the voice that talks to the reader in poem.
Sound devicesMade increase by alliteration, onomatopoeia, repetition, thyme, rhythm.
SymbolismIs a person, a place, an object, or an action that stands for something past itself.
ConnotationIs a word’s ideas or feelings.
DenotationIs a word’s dictionary meaning.
IdiomIs an expression whose an interpretation is different from the amount of the meaning of the separation, personal, instance words.
ImageryConsists of words and also phrases that appeal come readers’ five senses.
PoetryIs a kind of literary works in i beg your pardon ideas and feelings room expressed in compact, imaginative, and often music language.
allusionIs a reference to a famous person, place, event, or work-related of literature.

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figurative languageConveys (states) a meaning beyond the ordinary, literal meaning meaning.