T/F: current liabilities space cash and other sources that room expected to be sold, gathered or used within one year or the company"s operation cycle whichever is longer.

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decrease legacy accounts, decrease price accounts + Decrease usual Stock accounts D-E-A-D = Debits boost Expenses, Assets, and also Dividend
A. To decrease cash flow from operation activitiesB. Boost cash circulation from gaue won activitiesC. Diminish cash circulation from investing activitiesD. Boost cash flow from investing activitiesE. Diminish cash circulation from financing activitiesF. Boost cash circulation from operation activities
Financing tasks - Issuing stock, payment dividends, borrowing money.2.Investing activities - to buy the big ticket items essential to operation a business, lending and other investing.3.Operating activities - every little thing that will run v the revenue statement.1.Paying for gives that will be expensed later is one OA.2.Interest income and interest cost are OA"s too.
Asset source transactions or events are those the increase total assets. Examples: providing services to a customer for cash, or selling stock to investors for cash. ...
transactions or occasions involve a palliation in one form of insurance claim (liability or equity) and boost in another type of claim.
A transaction that decreases both one asset and a insurance claim on an assets; the three types of asset usage transactions space distributions (transfers to owners), liability payment (to creditors), or prices (costs occurs to operate the business) cases Exchange Transaction.

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For example, collection of cash on account receivable is an asset exchange transaction because only two asset accounts (cash and accounts receivable) room impacted. Total assets stay unchanged ~ asset exchange transactions.

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