It’s St Patrick’s Day! execute Irish people really to speak “top o’ the mornin’ come ya”, favor they execute in the movies? Or is it just an imitation? Let’s take it a look at the meaning of the phrase, “top o’ the morning”, the “correct” response, and its popularity as an Irish good morning.

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‘Top o’ the morning’ meaning

What do civilization mean when they speak “top o’ the morning”? Most world understand that it boils down to a flowery method of saying “good morning”.

However, no everyone knows that it is part of a longer phrase: “Top the the morning come yourself”.

Not only that, but the supposedly “correct” way to respond come it is by saying, “And the rest of the day come yourself”.


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When one person greets an additional by speak it, they mean to bid come the other the “best component of the morning”. 

Therefore, through responding through the “rest the the day to you”, the second speaker figuratively accepts, and returns, the an excellent fortune wished upon them by the first.

Has it acquired anything to carry out with milk?

A sermon on vanity delivered by Anglican bishop Ezekiel Hopkins in the 17th century likens the person soul come the “cream” the creation.

“The soul, alongside angels, is the really top and also cream of the entirety creation.”

This might also have other to carry out with the phrases, “cream that the crop” and “creme de la creme”.

Therefore it’s feasible that “top o’ the morning” has a connection to fresh, unhomogenised milk, where the special creamy optimal rises to the surface. 

In this analogy, the cream that rises to the height represents the finest of the morning.

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Do Irish human being say ‘top the the morning’ in 2021?

According come Irish historian P W Joyce, who wrote many of his works in the so late 19th and early 20th centuries, the expression was when a usual salutation in Ireland.

While the expression persists together an emblem that Irishness in the 21st century, the is likely that this is a result of American filmmakers re-popularising that in the 20th century.

The Disney film Darby O’Gill and also the small People apparently uses the colloquialism. 

Similarly, the usage of ice Crosby’s music in the film optimal o’ the Morning (1949) might well have actually popularised the salutation to American and also other anglophone audiences.

However, that dropped out of popular consumption in Ireland a long time ago. Nevertheless, it persists, in addition to leprechauns and clovers, together an unshakable representative of Irishness – for non-Irish people.

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In assistance of this, Irish central described “Top that the morning to you” together a “Hollywood invention, never used in Ireland”.