Stanley honored for carrying ‘life-changing services’ to help individuals, families and businesses accessibility justice

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The firm’s litigation toughness was reflected in many Tier 1 rankings native U.S. News/Best Lawyers


How plan changes, carbon phase-outs, and also renewed enforcement room impacting energy and also commodity industries

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Whistleblower protections prolong to employees that allege noncompliance with COVID mandates for large-employers

‘Bona fide conflict on comprehensive grounds’ test have to be used, also when arbitral compensation is in play, appeals court held


"In every my dealings through them they have showed a practical and big-picture outlook on how they manage litigation and also are mindful of the as whole implications for your client. They room sensitive come resolving quite than developing problems." 2019 Chambers USA - California healthcare
“They room cohesive in their approach. The is constantly evident the the team members room all ~ above the very same page, and also that each one is well mindful of the details and also where each instance is in progress.” 2020 Chambers and also Partners - an international - UAE conflict Resolution
“Excellent capability to master the business nature the the transaction and also the real intention the both next in a very short time.” 2020 Chambers Europe - Germany personal Equity: Venture resources

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“The firm has a great platform that is very integrated and provides full coverage, with expertise throughout all areas. It is a human being leader in all areas of commodities. I find the lawyers come be directly shooters who interact well and also don"t pat games.” 2020 legitimate 500 UK - Derivatives (including commodities)

From NFTs to gaming, the metaverse is here

Our worldwide team of lawyers works v the organizations leading the metaverse revolution