After the hand seals are performed, the user"s soul is partially separated from your body and also suspended behind them. Behind your soul shows up the Shinigami, which restrains their soul with the hair. Only the summoner is maybe to watch the Shinigami in ~ this point. Eventually, the Shinigami wraps the left arm through prayer beads and chants unintelligibly until a cursed seal appears ~ above its arm. It then drives the arm into the summoner"s soul, thus enabling the summoner to call upon the Shinigami to seal a target. The method can either be initiated at close-range, immobilising the target while their heart is extracted, or indigenous a much longer range. The Shinigami"s arm emerges from the summoner"s body and grasps the heart of the target, permitting the target to view the Shinigami together well.

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Once the target"s spirit is grasped, the summoner have the right to remove the target"s soul and also seal it right into their very own body. Hiruzen had the ability to seal many souls by using this method in conjunction with the Shadow Clone Technique.The sealing, however, is not necessarily finish nor automatic; for example when Hiruzen offered it on Orochimaru, he had to rely on his own physical stamin to extract Orochimaru"s soul. Since he short the toughness to completely do that, that opted rather to only seal Orochimaru"s arms, achieved by having the Shinigami reduced off the eight of Orochimaru"s soul; this paralysed his arms and also prevented him from performing hand seals and by expansion most ninjutsu. As soon as Minato uses it, that seals just the Nine-Tails" yin chakra, leaving its yang chakra alone; this sealing of its yin chakra into himself provides him its jinchūriki.


After the sealing is performed, a mark appears on the summoner"s stomach the is comparable in appearance to the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style. For a few moments afterwards the summoner can proceed moving and speaking, enabling them to finish any lingering service they might have. Shortly after that the Shinigami will consume their soul and the soul of their target(s), finishing their life. The souls of those trapped in ~ the Shinigami"s stomach cannot go into the Pure Land and are destined come fight with their victims for every eternity.

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The only method of releasing a soul from the Shinigami"s stomach is come wear the Shinigami Mask, enabling the wearer come be own by the Shinigami.