Vlad’s running out of time. The Elysian council has provided him weeks come live, and also that’s if the Slayer society doesn’t death him – in addition to all the citizens of Bathory – first. Then there’s the problem of Vlad’s father, who might or may not tho be lively after every these years, and also oh yeah, that tiny small detail in the Pravus prophecy about Vlad enslaving Vampirekind and also the person race. So much for college applications.

In this epos finale to Heather Brewer’s heart-stopping Chronicles that Vladimir Tod, dark secrets will it is in revealed, old girlfriend will end up being enemies, and also warm blood will run cold. Just be careful it no yours.

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High school totally bites as soon as you’re fifty percent human, fifty percent vampire.

Freshman year sucks for Vlad Tod. Bullies tho harass him. The photographer native the school newspaper is tailing him. And failing his studies can be deadly. A expedition to Siberia gives “study abroad” a whole new definition as Vlad connect with other vampires and breakthroughs his mind-control abilities, however will he return home with the skills to recognize a vampire slayer when he sees one? In this thrilling sequel to Eighth grade Bites, Vlad must confront the keys of the past and also battle pressures that once again threaten his life. Uncover out why author D. J. MacHale phone call The Chronicles that Vladimir Tod “Gruesome, heartwarming, spellbinding.”

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Heather Brewer, the New York Times bestselling author of THE CHRONICLES that VLADIMIR TOD, brings this spin-off series to a trembling conclusion.All secrets will be revealed together Slayer Joss McMillan tracks a murderous vampire terrorizing his hometown that Santa Clara. Throughout his investigation, Joss comes head to head through old opponents seeking revenge and faces the truth around his sisters Cecile’s murder. Joss need to use every one of his skill to safeguard his loved ones, even if it means paying the ultimate price.

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In this standalone short story from new York time bestselling author Heather Brewer, a boy wakes up in a cell with no recollection of just how he gained there—and no idea how he is going to escape.Ben Hargrove has been trapped for so long, he"s lost count the the days. In a cell through no windows and only a little slot in the door, that doesn"t even know once it"s day and also when it"s night. Every Ben to know is the hand that brings the food and also medicine. Every Ben to know is the cycle indigenous one sleep to the next.But this cycle, other is different. Someone has left Ben a note:There is no freedom.There room no walls.The boy is real.Ben will have actually to figure out what the cryptic note means, and fast—or he may not make it the end of this cell alive.Featuring a very first look in ~ Heather Brewer"s upcoming novel, The Cemetery Boys, this mysterious and frightening quick story will store you guessing until the very last page—and it will store you awake long after.