that is Rachel Haverford and what is her physical appearance (age, race, etc.)? you re welcome include two price quotes from the book.
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miss Rachel Haverford lives following door come the Finch household in To kill a Mockingbird . She nephew, Charles Baker "Dill" Harris, comes to stay through her each summer. She does not show up often in the novel (and she is left out of the film variation entirely), generally serving as...

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Miss Rachel Haverford lives next door to the Finch family in To death a Mockingbird. Her nephew, Charles Baker "Dill" Harris, concerns stay through her each summer. She does not appear often in the novel (and she is left the end of the film variation entirely), mainly serving together the adult supervision because that Dill. No period or summary of her is provided in the book. Jem and Scout first met Dill when they entered Miss Rachel"s collard patch searching for her rat terrier; instead, they uncovered Dill squatting among the greens. Miss out on Rachel choose up Dill every summer at the Maycomb Junction train terminal in the town"s only taxi, and he tolerates his aunt, primarily because he enjoys spending his time far from school with Jem and Scout. Miss out on Rachel has a fishpool in her ago yard where the kids sometimes congregate. She becomes upset through Dill on the night when Jem loser his pants, and

"... She walk off favor the town fire siren. "Do-o-o Jee-sus, Dill Harris! Gamblin" by my fishpool? I"ll strip-poker you, sir!"

When Dill runs away from his home in Meridian, Mississippi and also ends increase under Scout"s bed,

... Miss Rachel"s Do-o-o Je-sus went off in the hall... He bore v fortitude she Wait it rotates I Get friend Home, her Folks room Out Of your Minds Worryin", was quite calm during That"s every the Harris in You coming Out, smiled at her Reckon You deserve to Stay One Night, and returned the hug at lengthy last bestowed top top him.

Miss Rachel was not as donate of Atticus" decision to protect Tom Robinson, informing Dill that

... If a guy like Atticus Finch desires to target his head against a stone wall it"s his head.

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According to Dill, miss Rachel enjoys a tiny nip after ~ a good night"s sleep.

"Bet the woman drink a pint for breakfast every morning--know she drinks 2 glasses full. Seen her."