Qui tacet consentire videtur, ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.

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(He that is silent, when he need to have talked and to be able to, is taken to agree.) —Latin Proverb

If friend don’t speak up in ~ a meeting or ask because that a deferral that a decision, you can’t come earlier later and also declare, “I yes, really hated the decision. I don’t desire it to happen.”

Make sure to speak your mind when you disagree v something because, for numerous people, silence indicates consent.

Go to the meeting. Challenge the proposal. Was standing up and be counted. Let your feelings it is in heard. Chip in ~ above the debate. Commit to exactly how the decision will be made.

Idea for Impact: Silence, especially when a new, perhaps controversial proposal, is gift discussed, suggests a absence of engagement in ~ the team. Human being who care speak the end in a healthy team environment.

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