Who constructed Thebes the the 7 gates?In the publications you will uncover the name of kings.Did the emperors haul increase the lumps of rock?And Babylon, many times demolishedWho raised it increase so countless times? In what housesOf gold-glittering Lima did the contractors live?Where, the evening the the wall surface of China was finishedDid the masons go? great RomeIs complete of triumphal arches. Who set up them? over whomDid the caesar triumph? had actually Byzantium, lot praised in songOnly palaces for its inhabitants? also in fabled AtlantisThe night the ocean engulfed itThe drowning still bawled for their slaves.

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The young Alexander overcame India.Was the alone?Caesar win the Gauls.Did he no have also a chef with him?

Philip that Spain wept once his armadaWent down. To be he the just one to weep?Frederick the second won the 7 Year’s War. WhoElse winner it?

Every web page a victory.Who cooked the feast for the victors?Every ten years a good man?Who paid the bill?

So numerous reports.So numerous questions.

(“Fragen eines lesenden Arbeiters” – interpreted by M. Hamburger in Bertolt Brecht, Poems 1913-1956, Methuen, N.Y., London, 1976)

Silent concerns from the mam of a Worker that ReadsManali Chakrabarti

So you say, the is you not the kings, who built the Thebes of the seven Gates.Your forefathers hauled lumps that rocks once Babylon to be Resurrected all those several time – after every demolition.

You ask around the homes where the home builders of yellow glittering Lima lived,I questioning silently who preserved the houses, the children, the future builders.

You ask, whereby did the masons go when the great Wall that China was finished,History go not record it.But what around the patient unheard voices who made the shacks and hovels Homes,Who waited with hot gruel for the masons?Who perform not also have the good Stone wall surface of China as a silent testimony,Should a Future job Historian choose to enquire.

Alexander conquered India, Caesar to win the Gaul,Philip that Spain laughed and cried through the fortunes of the Spanish Armada,Yes they had soldiers come fight their wars.And cooks too, and also a thousand others to aid them in their noble endeavours.Their triumphs and their casualty in the battlefields and the seas were no theirs alone.There to be the ‘not so great men’ behind these ‘Great Men’Should you destruction O! existing day chronicler you might still find them

But wasn’t there anything rather happening then, as soon as the men, great and Small,Were make History?Wasn’t there an plain child being born and nurtured anywhere?And dwellings kept, vegetable grown, clothing made and also rice dehusked.Who make the ends accomplish in times of war and scarcity?The guys were away.Who sang lullabies when the roaring canons determined the victors?

I hear to you, if you concern the past with your new found knowledge.You roar, friend thunder, ns sew silently a sample on the pillowcase.Would my story visit friend in your dreams – mine that ns share v my foremothers?Would mine child have the ability to decipher the words surprise in this pattern,As you do currently for those in the history books?

I walk not chef for the victors; i did never chef for the past,I constantly cooked because that the future – whereby every morsel to be important.It to be no feast – lavish fare strewn around and also men doused in drinks,I never cooked come commemorate great events,I cook the humble day-to-day gruel soaked in parsimony and care,This was to create a various history,A background for the future.

Behind her vocal questions to background and all its records and also reportsIs the an excellent Wall the my quiet questions.Who has the Answers?I wonder.Maybe ns do.

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Manali Chakrabarti is an economic historian, presently affiliated v the academy of advancement Studies, Kolkata.