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Bad faith - unacceptable aramuseum.org going to fry, so placed your head between your legs and kiss her ass good-bye one component per trillion... Unacceptable, one component per billion... Unacceptable, one part per...
VALIENT THORR text - "Legend of The World" (2006) albumwake increase from your deep sleep can't you see those world are tryin to rip you off? ... A bit of reputation i acquired down i gained down on my knees ns was twisted resurrected ... Shower yr head til the sweat runs complimentary yr due because that a rezerection yr jaded ..... Village cause u recognize the finish is nigh placed yr head between yr legs and also kiss yr ass goodbye.
ODD FUTURE wolf GANG kill THEM ALL aramuseum.org - OldieIt's the dark skinned nigga, kissing bitches in Canada then kicking all out favor Mr. Lawrence did Pamela put her in the room all against her wilt Chamberlain ... No a fucking reasonable contradicting cock head ... Yet knowing you very own your enemy is a beating bonus ... Yup, uh, and also her ass fat .... Storefront, Knee tat
JT MACHINIMA aramuseum.org - FatalitiesGonna kick your ass like I to be Cassie Cage Snap a selfie, then ... On mine knees. Fatalities ... Then I'll rip her head off v my tongue. Rearrange ... Put a blindfold top top me clock me proceed to ... You're gonna desire a little distance between us. Watch the ... Sonya Blade energy Ring, Fiery Kiss your ... Speak Goodbye to Batman
Nicki Minaj - just aramuseum.org aramuseum.org to 'Only' by Nicki Minaj: Raise her bottle and cup in the sky Sparks in the air choose the fourth of July / and also let 'em eat my ass prefer a cupcake.
NAS text - Ether(I) Fuck v your soul like ether (Will) Teach you the ... Burner in ~ the next of your dome, come outta my throne. I got this, locked ... Ay, y'all faggots, y'all kneel and kiss the fucking ring ... Ns still whip her ass, girlfriend thirty-six in a karate class. Friend Tae-bo ... Philly's hot rock fellas, placed you in a dried spot, fellas. In a pine box...
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD aramuseum.org - "Heavy as A Really heavy Thing"Then acquire your ass in music, you'll be set to the end, ending, and also now you've ... Similar to the mess between your ear is like the mess in my hole. I hate your loser...
SHEER TERROR aramuseum.org - "Ugly and also Proud" (1994) albumThen there to be times you tried to placed me in mine place. Ns don't understand if I want to kiss you, or spit right in your face. Girlfriend could've presented some heart. You couldn't...
ARMORED SAINT aramuseum.org - "Win hand Down" (2015) albumA kick in the ass. Tackling life there's simply ... Between the likes of us ... Then put my feet down and go. I desire music to carry me under to my knees. Make me ... Burying your head underneath the sand .... A kiss goodbye offers a lump in the throat
W.A.S.P. Text - "Still no Black Enough" (1995) albumGoodbye America 6. Tie Your mom Down 7. ... Yeah, yet in her head, baby I'm fear you don't know where the is ... Over there on bloody bended knees where ... To placed a stop to all that ... Call everybody come kiss my ass ... I'm the ugly in between
EMINEM text - once The Music StopsI obtain up 'for I obtain down, run myself in the ground, 'for I placed some wack shit out. I'm trying-a smack ... When you ain't acquired nothing left yet your word and also your balls
SOILENT green aramuseum.org - "Confrontation" (2005) albumWorst of days as this laugh shatters in her mouth. My neck ... A fifty percent ass equation emphasizing fail from cold dead hands. Nervous ... Her last kiss good-bye...
FASTER PUSSYCAT text - "Whipped" (1992) albumHides the hooded zodiac, hey baby what's your sign. Acquired San ... (Oh yes i would, I understand I would and also between lock I'll read) ... Blows a little kiss come me ... Put your token in she vibrating box ... Say goodbye to fair weather friends ... Hey we simply done slapped a dick throughout their head ... You got a rotten bladder and also fat have the right to knees
Eminem - Superman text 6 to speak Goodbye Hollywood · 7 Drips ... I'm a different man, kiss mine ass, kiss my lips, bitch why ask? Kiss my dick ... Wouldn't piss ~ above fire to placed you out. Am I too ... 'Til then simply sit your drunk ass on that fuckin' runway hoe ... Between you and I
John Prine - you re welcome Don't bury Me aramuseum.orgPut on my slippers. / to walk in the ... Friend slipped top top the floor and hit your head. And also all the ... Send mine mouth means down south and kiss my ass goodbye.

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W.A.S.P. aramuseum.org - "Unholy Terror" (2001) albumOh gain down on your knees. And bow come ... Cause you Master's chained to her life. The foolish ... Expand across N America - to enslave & ruin Till I'm your king it spins ya understand ... Her little head has rolled away. Put it in my hands ... Goodbye infant Jane ... One crimson kiss is bleeding ... Somewhere in between the dark and light
ARMORED SAINT aramuseum.org - "Symbol of Salvation" (1991) albumPut castle in manage see what girlfriend become. No sorry for lack of brains. You had actually your chance now you can't complain. Gather up and also ... Beggin' on she hands and knees. Won't girlfriend ... No in between. Karma sure ... Better say goodbye. The truth .... Climate kiss my ass ... They'll aim for the to apologize on her head yet shoot as well low
BRUCE DICKINSON aramuseum.org - "Best that Bruce" (2001) albumI am not a pen stuck into your shiny vest. I am no a ... Front web page news you deserve to share your views. V a .... Say goodbye come the earth listed below .... The furnace sealed inside her head ... And you kiss the pearly fangs divine ... Between the present of truth and also the indigenous of belief .... It's favor if you placed some pepper in the ass of a door
QUORTHON text - "Purity of Essence" (1997) albumKnee deep in this mess no wonder i don't sleep too an excellent at night. Yes still I've ... The flickering display enchants you your truly all enslaved. Nostalgia ... Must we go on pumpin' or to speak goodbye to the humpin' work .... V your head firmly grounding up her ass ... You might find between the currently lotsa things you missed first time
Zac Brown band - Toes aramuseum.org I got my toe in the water, ass in the sand. No a issue in the world, ... Bikinis and also palm trees danced in mine head. I was still in the ... And also put mine ass in a lawn chair. Toes in the clay ... Goodbye in her eyes-Zac brown band aramuseum.org · View peak 100...
Eminem - 8 Mile (O.S.T.) aramuseum.orgHis palms room sweaty, knee weak, arms are hefty ... Girlfriend only obtain one shot, execute not miss out on your chance to punch ... Teetor-totter recorded up in between bein a father and a prima donna ... It's whateva, put that on the chedda man, .... Phone call my mom I love her, kiss baby sister good-bye ..... X go head up, the fuck never ever ran from it,


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