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Exam French change and Napoleon 1. Promo within Napoleon’s new bureaucracy was a. Based upon height. B. Provided to those Napoleon favored, but taken away as shortly as they fell out the favor. C. Based on capability only, not rank or birth. D. Draft to benefit the nobility and keep the middle course from obtaining high-ranking positions.2. The duke of Wellington beat Napoleon in ~ a. Annecy in France.c. The Black woodland in Germany.b. Waterloo in Belgium.d. Moscow in Russia.3. ____ was the brutal head the the Committee of windy Safety. A. Maximilien Robespierrec. Jean Valjeanb. Jean-Paul Maratd. Victor Hugo4. The most important of the seven legal codes created by Napoleon was a. The spiritual Code.c. The seller Code.b. The Food Code.d. The civil Code.5. The declaration of the legal rights of Man and the citizen proclaimed a. Equal legal rights for all men, yet no political rights for women. B. An end to the monarchy and the abolishing of a national Assembly. C. Equal rights for all citizens, consisting of equal political rights for women. D. An end to the nationwide police force.Exam French transformation and Napoleon 6. I beg your pardon of France’s estates was not exempt native the taille? a. The very first Estate (clergy)c. The third Estate (commoners)b. The second Estate (nobility)d. The 4th Estate (middle class)7. The three significant parts of napoleon Grand empire were a. The first Estate, the second Estate, and also the third Estate. B. France, Morocco, and also Algeria. C. The French Empire, the dependency states, and also the allied states. D. Austria, Prussia, and Serbia.8. The Committee the Public safety and security was given broad powers to a. Drainpipe all the canals. B. Protect France indigenous threats. C. Protect the Paris Commune native thieves. D. Restore order come Brussels.9. In its make the efforts to develop a brand-new order that reflected its id in reason, the national Convention a. Declared new national holidays celebrating an excellent French cuisine. B. Ordered the building of several brand-new libraries and universities, also though the treasury to be empty. C. Sought a plan of dechristianization, walking so far as to embrace a new calendar. D. Drafted yet another Constitution come reflect the concepts of the Enlightenment.Exam French revolution and Napoleon 10. Luigi XVI was compelled to accept the nationwide Assembly’s decrees since a. The army turned versus him and threatened to execute him. B. It was the only method he would be enabled to continue to be mayor that Paris. C. Thousands of equipped Parisian women descended top top the palace and captured him and his family. D. His attempt to escape to Poland had actually failed.11. What to be the two significant reasons the Napoleon’s Grand realm collapsed? a. Napoleon greed and laziness in ~ his administration b. The survival of great Britain and also the force of nationalism c. The resentment of the clergy and also the plotting of the accountants d. France’s weak economy and the drainpipe of Napoleon’s plenty of wars12. The Russians beat Napoleon’s superior Grand military by a. Retreating hundreds of miles and also burning their very own villages and also countryside. B. Waiting to attack during the brutal Russian winter. C. Splitting their meager pressures in half and attack from 2 sides. D. Make an alliance v Egypt, which introduced an attack on Turkey to attract Napoleon the end of Russia. Liberty consists of the power to do everything is not injurious to others; for this reason the enjoyment the the organic rights of every man has for its boundaries only those the assure other members of culture the enjoyment of those very same rights; such boundaries may be figured out only by law.Declaration that the civil liberties of Man and also of the Citizen, French national Assembly, 1789 13. Follow to the passage, what identify the boundaries of liberty? a.the kingc.the peopleb.the lawd.God14. What is the best meaning of the word injurious indigenous the passage? a.harmfulc.helpfulb.beneficiald.pleasingExam French revolution and Napoleon legislation is the expression that the general will; all citizens deserve to concur personally, or with their representatives, in the formation; it need to be the very same for all, even if it is it protects or punishes. All citizens, being equal prior to it, room equally admissible to every public offices, positions, and employments, according to their capacity, and also without other difference than that of virtues and talents. Explanation of the rights of Man and of the Citizen, French nationwide Assembly, 1789 15. How, according to the passage, is legislation an expression of the basic will? a.The king, as the people’s leader, specifies the law.b.The nobles ensure the the law meets the requirements of all people.c.Old regulations are readjusted to meet new needs.d.All citizens space able to affect the law’s creation.16. Follow to the passage, room all citizens offered public office? a.Yes; every citizens are equal and given windy office.b.No; just 50 percent of the citizenry are provided public office.c.No; all citizens room equal, however some with an ext talent and also skill earn public office.d.Yes, yet only if they salary for accessibility to the general public office.Free interaction of ideas and opinions is among the most precious of the rights of man. Consequently, every citizen might speak, write, and also print freely, topic to obligation for the abuse of such liberty in the cases determined by law. Explanation of the rights of Man and of the Citizen, French nationwide Assembly, 1789 17. According to the passage, what is one of the most precious rights? a.freedom of movement c.freedom of worshipb.freedom from taxation d.freedom the speech18. I beg your pardon country listed the inspiration for the ideas presented in this passage? a.Spainc.Russiab.United Statesd.NetherlandsExam French change and Napoleon “My people, remember that if in the republic justice does not reign with pure sway, and also if this word does not signify love the equality and also of country, climate liberty is yet a vain phrase! O people, girlfriend who are feared—whom one flatters! friend who room despised; you that are recognized sovereign, and are ever being treated together a slave—remember that wherever justice does not reign, it is the passions of the magistrates that regime instead, and that the human being have readjusted their chains and also not your destinies!” Maximilien Robespierre, 1794 19. Follow to Robespierre, what is vital to ensure that liberty exists? a.magistratesc.citizensb.justiced.the republic20. What walk Robespierre typical when he states that just chains have adjusted when the magistrates reign? a.Magistrates have actually replaced the king as ruler.b.The stays of citizens have improved.c.Citizens room no longer treated together slaves.d.The government had i agreeed to release all political prisoners.One that Napoleon’s reforms . . . To be destined to have actually an influence far past the borders of France. The was the production of the French civil Code, the . In numerous ways, the password embodied the ideals of the French transformation . . . . ~ above the whole, the password was moderate, fine organized, and written through commendable brevity and also outstanding lucidity. As a result, the code has not only withstood in France . . . However has to be adopted, with local modifications, in numerous other countries.” native The 100: A Ranking of the Most prominent Persons in History, Michael H. Hart 21. Follow to the passage, the French Civil password embodied the ideals the what period? a.Enlightenmentc.American Revolutionb.French Revolutiond.Age of Exploration“Of all Napoleon’s action . . . The one that has actually perhaps had actually the most enduring and far-reaching consequences was one that was practically irrelevant come his main plans. In 1803, Napoleon marketed a vast tract that land come the united States. The realized that the French possessions in north America could be daunting to protect from brother conquest, and also besides that was short of cash. The Louisiana Purchase, possibly the biggest peaceful move of floor in all of history, transformed the united States right into a country of nearcontinental size.” indigenous The 100: A Ranking the the Most significant Persons in History, Michael H. HartExam French revolution and Napoleon 22. According to the passage, why go this activity have the many enduring and far-reaching consequences? a.It provided Napoleon affect over the Catholic Church.b.It made Napoleon the wealthiest monarch in Europe.c.It enabled France to bargain peace with England.d.It gave the united States significant territorial power.23. Why walk Napoleon market French land come the joined States? a.It was too much removed from the remainder of the French empire.b.He necessary the United says as one ally.c.He was compelled to by his government.d.France had too many overseas possessions.Robespierre do the many of his chance to assist the typical people. He speak at debates and also won a reputation together a strong supporter that democracy. In September 1792, he was chosen to the national Convention and also demanded that Louis XVI be executed as a traitor. The Convention agreed, and also on January 18, 1793, notified the king death. By early on June, Robespierre managed the convention. 24. Exactly how did Robespierre acquire support to win election to the nationwide Convention? a.He publicly inquiry the execution the Louis XVI.b.He marched an military to the Assembly meeting place.c.He spoke out and also was a defender that democracy.d.He bribed choice officials.“But let that impatiently awaited savior offer a sudden authorize of his existence, and the people’s instinct will divine him and call top top him. The obstacles are smoothed prior to his steps, and a whole great nation, flying to view him pass, will certainly seem to it is in saying: ‘Here is the man.’ . . . A consecutive series of an excellent actions never is the an outcome of chance and luck; that is always the product of planning and genius. An excellent men space rarely recognized to failure in their many perilous enterprises . . . Is it due to the fact that they are lucky that they become great? No, yet being great, they have actually been may be to master luck.” The mental of Napoleon, J. Christopher Herold, 1955 25.

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What walk this passage indicate around Napoleon’s see of himself? a. He thought his life was complete of happy breaks.Exam French transformation and Napoleon b.He thought in his ability to form his life.c.He was very downhearted about his own an abilities and choices.d.He felt that needed continuous improvement.