There space two main violations that result in traffic collisions. They room _____ and also _____These two driving violations room the significant reason the traffic crashes occurANSWER: speeding and also alcohol-impaired control The Acronym BAC means _____ ________ _______.

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ANSWER: Blood Alcohol Concentration it is ___________ to smoke or ingest Marijuana if driving a motor automobile in CaliforniaANSWER: illegal You can not legally run a commercial auto when her BAC over the following level?ANSWER: 0.04% or over Driving with a minimum _________ or more Blood Alcohol Concentration, for drivers aged 21 or more, is thought about illegal in California.ANSWER: ANSWER: 0.08 _________________ stays clear of you from evaluate distances.ANSWER: poor vision Medications and Alcohol have actually the capacity to ___________ your great judgment.A.) strengthenB.) weakenANSWER: Weaken should medication you usage make friend dizzy or drowsy, you should avoid ANSWER: operating a automobile ______________ is a sign that you are too worn down to drive.ANSWER: consistent yawning You placed yourself at risk of ___________ if you journey for long periods in the sunlightANSWER: headaches steering is considered to it is in the following because of what is compelled of drivers at every timesANSWER: Strenuous follow to ours text, driving have the right to be a quite a _____ activityANSWER: stressful road Rage is identified as:ANSWER: an attack with a motor auto or various other dangerous weapon by the operator or passenger(s) of another motor auto by an incident that occurred on a roadway. In the State of California, Reckless control is _____According to California law, reckless driving drops under this classification of offenseANSWER: a misdemeanor roadway Rage is usually not led to by the followingANSWER: being at an early stage to one event  These species of chauffeurs are problematicANSWER: those who space not careful or alert while driving The following would be a good example that a misdemeanorANSWER: Reckless steering which of the complying with may NOT reason road or wild driving?ANSWER: being early to an occasion This type of incident is much more prone to happen throughout heavy trafficANSWER: aggressive driving  i m sorry of the following most likely will NOT assist you store your emotions in check?Doing the adhering to may not help you store your emotions in checkANSWER: gift in a healthy relationship i beg your pardon of the complying with is NOT considered a distraction while driving?_______________while steering is not taken into consideration a distraction if drivingANSWER: check the speedometer follow to our text, if you have the right to hear your automobile music from _____ feet away, that way it is too loud.If your music have the right to be heard native this distance, the is too loudANSWER: ANSWER: 50 feet i beg your pardon of the adhering to is thought about NOT to it is in a cognitive distraction if driving?ANSWER: Scanning the toad for risks Doing this when driving is not considered to be a distraction to her cognitive engine skillANSWER: Scanning the roadway for risk According come our text, looking at a _____ while driving deserve to be together dangerous as _____ANSWER: navigational maker / analysis a text message Taking treatment of _____ when driving is another huge reason why world end increase in auto collisions.ANSWER: an individual hygiene You can use your horn _____ANSWER: to avoid a collision or when passing according to the text, ________________ is a common cause of collisions.ANSWER: acquisition a contact on a cell phone talk on a mobile is a major contribution to collisions.ANSWER: TRUE If you must make a speak to or send a text, you should________________.ANSWER: pull to the side of the road A hands totally free device may be used if it have the right to be activated or deactivate through a ___________?ANSWER: solitary tap, swipe, voice command The horn is a an extremely important component of her vehicle. You deserve to use itANSWER: to protect against an unavoidable collision people who resolve this an individual manner when driving is a major reason for auto collisionsANSWER: all aramuseum.org are correct The most common cause of a collision is _________ANSWER: unsafe rate This unsafe driving action contributes to a great deal the collisionsANSWER: unsafe speed Driving at________________ is a significant contributor to collisionANSWER: unsafe speed _____________ have the right to be contributing components that can reason collisions.What have the right to be contributing determinants that cause collisions.These two conditions are well-known as significant contributors to web traffic collisionsA.) Both Stress and Information OverloadB.) stress and also defensive drivingANSWER: Both Stress and Information Overload according to our text, another common injury in a collision is_________This type of injury is known to occur during traffic collisionsANSWER: a concussion If you room the very first one to witness a collision you should NOT:It is advised the you perform not perform the complying with if you room the very first one come witness an accidentANSWER: contact your immediate family members follow to ours text, it is estimated that around ___-___% that all road collisions occur due to the fact that of mechanically failures.ANSWER: 12 - 13 This area in ~ the rear of the vehicle is among the many frequent reasons of collisions that happen while a car is backing up. ANSWER: Blindspot The help that is provided by this resource reduces the possibility of collisions of while you space backing up. ANSWER: spotter The __________ behind a auto is among the most common causes of collisions if ____________.ANSWER: blind spot/backing up The remote spot behind a auto is one of the most common causes of collisions if backing upANSWER: TRUE As declared in our course text, the term _____ behind the car is among the most common reasons of collision when backing up.ANSWER: blindspot as soon as driving top top snow spanned roads, you should minimize your vehicles speed by ____________ to mitigate the risk of collision.

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ANSWER: 1/2 once you encounter an aggressive driver tailgating you, the first thing to perform is ______ANSWER: slow-moving down or prevent to the next if needed, permit them to happen you safely A reckless control conviction go on your __________ recordANSWER: criminal about _____ % of the factors that cause collisions are attributed to driver error.ANSWER: 95 in ~ what time perform the maximum variety of collisions take place?This time frame is as soon as the majority of traffic crashes take placeANSWER: between 3 p.m. To 9 p.m