Bought the 2 line kit to replace thre currently on the 2150. No trouble till time to install the fuel choose up line. The second line the smaller of the 2 to go thru that tiny fuel feet is to small can stand back and litter the line in the hole favor a car thru a garage door.Is a feasable to just go ahead and also install that small line and either usage some kind of fuel compatable caulk or warm melt glue to stop any type of leaks?Or should I start trveling through my calipers to find the best size fuel line.What I had actually bought is the two line various size kit to perform the replaceing.

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A drillmotor and suitable drill little bit is your friend. I routinely open up up them feet to use Stihl or Echo fuel line. Tygon is not worth much more than spit.
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Supposed to have a barbed installation to attach the 2 lines with. You download the fitting in the large line and also pull it through the tank to seal the hole. Climate the small line in the tank connects come the fitting. Dumb design. Execute as driver suggested. Steve Sidwell
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There to be a twin barb fitting but it was on the inside wall return side.So I must drill the end the fuel suctionline hole and also do away through the tiny bity hose. Al
There was a twin barb fitting yet it to be on the inside wall return side.So I need to drill out the fuel suctionline hole and also do away v the tiny bity hose. Al
Have the Stihl or Echo heat in hand and also choose a drill bit simply a touch smaller sized (1/64” ?).The water tap barb deal will still job-related as the line is thicker wall.
Do you know the 1/64th drill bit is so little you practically have to one-of-a-kind order to obtain one?1/64 is smaller than 1/16th which is pretty little also. Al
Al , if you choose to usage a 3/16" OD fuel line instead of the small fuel line climate a 11/64" diameter hole will be a snug fit and also is a great fix because that the tiny Poulan saws .

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I have actually refurbished fairly a few of that collection of Poulan saws. I also typically execute what what recommended previously in this tread.The fuel heat from the tank come the carburetor is the smaller diameter line. I enlarge the hole in the optimal of the fuel tank v which that line feeds through an suitable drill bit, and also replace the line through 3/32" inner diameter 3/16" external diameter Tygon fuel line. In stimulate to get a leak-tight fit of the line v the tank, I usage a 11/64" drill little bit as scottr encourage above. I don"t reuse a barb in ~ the suggest the fuel line goes through the tank, I simply install a single length of fuel line every the way from the carburetor nipple, through the fuel tank, and into the tank v the fuel pickup/filter in ~ the end. I would guess the full length of the hose ends up being roughly 9".