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I havent got in there and tried to figure it out yet it looks prefer it is walking to it is in a bitch and also I can have to take the tank off. The bike is a "00 sportsman 500.

You"ll absolutely get an ext clearance with the tank the end of the way. On part models, girlfriend may get one spark plug out, however you will need to obtain the tank out of the way for the other spark plug.

take the right side cover off. Go in from this side, puul plug wire drop spark plug socket down hole onto plug then use a brief 3in. 3/8 expansion down onto the socket then usage a short rachet to break it loose, once loosened i take off the rachet and spinn it the end by hand, reverse measures for the install. I have NEVER eliminated the tank or anything but the next cover on my 2000 500 sportsman..

2006 polaris 500 ho efi E.B.S. Sportsmen k & n air filter . Genesis performance module . Hand gards . Back work lights .Front & ago bumpers. 2500lbs warning polaris winch. A-arm covers prior & back .Front & ago rack extenders- Mossy oak soft bags & rear passanger foot rests .Big wes cargo box .and a 60" polaris plow and a polaris gun next scabberd v 800 miles. Camo water grapics ~ above the hand gards ,speedo mount, former plate,and shifter knob & gas cap- behind storage lid. 3 method head lite mod. Swamp lite 27s top top itp ss 212 machined rims 12in. Tall clear polaris lock & go wind sheild
Use the park plug device in the kit. Drop the tool in the hole it sticks increase just sufficient to acquire the other tool in the kit to loosen it top top there and spin it the end by hand.

agreed through using the stock spark plug puller. Together crude looking together it is, the does work and fit just right. Girlfriend can gain it the end without taking the tank off.
I didn"t know the plug is recessed and also no i didn"t gain the tool when I bo"t the machine used. The boot won"t budge so my machine will need to go to the shop. On a 500 one demands hands the size of a 6 yr olds and I"m a totality lot older than 6.
If you have an air compressor.....its a great idea to blow roughly the plug to get rid of any kind of dirt or crud that could fall right into the hole as soon as you eliminate the plug.
2002 Sportsman 500 HOWarn 25XT + Bumper25" Grim ReapersGoldFinger left hand throttleand various other stuff... :veryhappy:
FYI the spark plug tool works good ! took the ideal side cover off , offered the tool detailed in the device kit and also removed the plug , cleaned it and reinstalled and also she fired appropriate up ! :fing02:
Greg blacksmith :unitedstates:2009 Sportsman 500 HOGlacier II Plow - warn 3000 winch - winch saverRear seize bar - Polaris hand guards- HD Springs (front)Front rack extender - ATV Guru Brush safety 12X7 ITP Delta wheels- 27X9X12(F) 27X12X12(R)Mud Lite XL Nerf Bars from Outlaw Fabrications - Maier fender flares-3-way headlight mod1996 Trailboss 250
The quad wound increase going come the shop and also they changed the plug, and oil. Still have a starting problem which now may be attributable come the reality I don"t run it far sufficient so a Battery Tender, every advice the the forum, is the next purchase. Have to go come the "big city" for that so maybe tomorrow. Ns am learning much more each day and most of it from you males who"ve comment to my plight.

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After you break the spark plug loose with a socket grab a tiny piece that gas line and also push it down on the peak of the plug and pull it out.
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