If girlfriend are looking for an affordable jet ski, Polaris is a an excellent choice. Polaris Inc. Has stopped manufacturing jet skis, yet it still has units easily accessible on the market. In this article, I’ll explain the Polaris jet ski, including every one of its features and also specs, so that you can decide if the is worth buying.

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The Polaris jet ski may not have actually a call as good as other renowned jet ski brands. Nonetheless, that is simply as reliable as the rest if given ideal maintenance. Polaris is also less costly 보다 its competitors.

The 6 most well-known Polaris jet skis room as follows:

Polaris SL 650Polaris SL 750Polaris agree 785Polaris FreedomPolaris Genesis IPolaris Virage I

Read on to learn an ext about the various Polaris jet ski models, and also their specs and features.

About Polaris Jet Ski


The Polaris jet ski is reliable and runs fine if given suitable maintenance. It is also cheaper than its rivals. Indeed, a Polaris jet ski is precious buying if it satisfactorily meets your requirement.

It is essential to note too the Polaris is the surname of the manufacturer. That is not a specific model name. Later on on, us will comment on the various Polaris models. Yet for now, let’s briefly talk about its history.

Polaris Inc. Has been in the motorsport sector for decades. Edgar Hetteen, Allen Hetteen, and David Johnson started this agency in Minnesota. In 1954, they presented their very first snowmobile prototype (Polaris snow Traveler) to make hunting terrains much more accessible.

Due to its success, Polaris chose to start a front-engine and personal-sized snowmobile smaller sized than the eye Traveler. It to be then referred to as the Comet. Unfortunately, Polaris fail to broaden its sector base v the launching that the Comet. This was because the Comet to be not qualified of travel in every kinds of eye conditions.

While Polaris needed to execute a the majority of product recall, it did not prevent them native releasing the Mustang snowmobile in 1956. Mustang to be a high-demand household snowmobile that made a large market success.

Polaris continued to release snowmobile models until it ended up being a leader in the motorsport industry. That then became a famous manufacturer of snowmobiles and neighborhood electric vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and motorcycles. In the 1990s, Polaris arised in the personal watercraft industry under the brand surname Sea Lion. This was the bear of Polaris jet skis.

Polaris Jet Ski Models

As mentioned, Polaris has currently stopped production jet skis. The last devices they released were in 2004. Nonetheless, there room still numerous units left for sale. As a beginner, you might want to think about taking a look at the obtainable Polaris jet skis top top the market. Because that sure, girlfriend will uncover one in ~ a good price.

Among the Polaris jet ski models that you could want to check out room the adhering to 6 models:

Polaris SL 650Polaris SL 750Polaris pro 785Polaris FreedomPolaris Genesis IPolaris Virage I

Let’s briefly talk about each of this Polaris jet ski models to know much more about your features.

1. Polaris SL 650

As soon as Polaris emerged in the watercraft market, it launched what was thought about the fastest personal watercraft of every time. The was called the Polaris SL 650.

This watercraft features a 2-stroke, 3-cylinder 647 cc Fuji engine. It could perform 6350 rpm v a 68 hp.

It has actually a seating volume for two persons. Beneath the seats room a fuel tank and also an oil reservoir. The fuel tank can fill as much as 9.8 gallons. At the same time, the oil reservoir have the right to fill as much as 3.5 quarts. According to users of the Polaris SL 650, its security in rough waters is quite impressive.

You would recognize that many SL 650 owners are happy and also satisfied through their purchase. Up till now, they can be discovered in the sector purchasing parts and maintaining your unit.

2. Polaris SL 750

The Polaris SL 750 jet ski is just one of the Polaris models the you deserve to still uncover on the market. That was one of the bestsellers as soon as Polaris introduced this model. As soon as it concerns its durability and dependability, SL 750 owners deserve to attest come that.

Its engine specifications have a gasoline-type engine with 80 hp and a displacement the 744 ccs. That hull product is a sheet molded compound and also beams measuring 6’9”. The size is 9’ and also weighs 500 lbs.

If friend are in search of a second-hand unit, the opportunities are that you can discover one for as low together $300. Yet those systems that still job-related flawlessly room most most likely priced at approximately $2,500. With such a price, the Polaris 750 jet ski version is certainly an affordable unit to acquire.

3. Polaris pro 785

The Polaris agree 785 is distinctive from various other Polaris models as result of its impressive racing capabilities. Most, if not all, who very own one room pro racers or serious jet ski enthusiasts.

Its engine boasts that a 785 cc Fuji engine featuring triple exhaust pipes. Few of its features are similar to the of a Polaris SL 650 yet with included features because that competitive racing. Thus, it is more appropriate for competent racers.

The built-in lower hull that the Polaris SL 785 design is lightweight. The conveniently matches one engine v 140 hp. Although Polaris has actually stopped developing this model, racers still like to ride your SL 785 end their modern-day counterparts. This is as result of its superior track record in terms of performance and racing capability.

4. Polaris Freedom


Another outstanding product from Polaris is its freedom jet ski. The weight volume is 656 lbs and also can bring a preferably of 3 persons. It has actually a full V-shaped hull make of the paper molding compound.

It attributes an in-line twin cylinder, 2-stroke engine special 701 ccs. At a solid 95 hp, it have the right to perform 6600 rpm, which is acceptable to execute high speed and fast acceleration. If this model has actually a downside, the is around its typical boarding handle.

Its jet pump functions an axial flow and also aluminum stator. The fuel volume is approximately 17.8 gallons. Also, its oil capacity is 6 qt.

The Manufacturer said Retail Price (MSRP) for the Polaris liberty is $6,499. That is best for both recreational and professional riders.

5. Polaris Genesis I

Polaris indeed has several remarkable watercraft models. One of which is the Polaris Genesis ns model. In ~ an MSRP of $9,199, that is much more costly than many Polaris models. However its attributes are rather extraordinary too.

It is just one of the classiest Polaris models. That weight volume is 625 lbs and also can accommodate 4 persons. It has actually a vintage look at which provides it enticing because that riders. This design is available in Havasu-red color, and also the ‘90s era inspires the design.

Its full V-shaped hulls room a modified variation of the one found in the liberty model. The hulls room customized out of fiberglass-reinforced composite. That engine is in-line, 3 cylinders, 2-stroke the performs 6700 rpm with 135 hp.

The Polaris Genesis i model has actually a dominator brief jet pump featuring a stainless steel 6-vane stator. This makes it a rare model.

As because that the fuel, it provides 89 octane and has a fuel capacity of 17.8 gallons. That oil reservoir capacity is 6 qt.

6. Polaris Virage I

The Polaris Virage i is an alternative for buyers who find the Genesis pricey. Its MSRP starts at $7,999.

This 3-seater model has parts that space all conventional Polaris selections. These encompass the traction pads, seat strap, passenger handle, and boarding handle, among others.


Its hull is the full V-shaped hull that also comes from the conventional Polaris hull kind design. The engine functions a residential Marine 800 DI, in-line two-cylinder, 2 stroke the performs 6600 rpm at 100 hp.

Similar to various other models, that jet pump functions an axial flow and also aluminum stator together well. Its fuel capacity and also oil capacity are also both typical at 17.8 gallons and 6 qt, respectively.

Below is wonderful Polaris jet ski review that displayed its speed and agility v a GoPro lens:

Polaris jet skis might not have actually as an excellent a reputation as other renowned jet ski brands. Nonetheless, that is just as dependable as that is counterparts if given proper maintenance. Polaris is no as pricey as its rivals. If you uncover a well-maintained Polaris jet ski in her area, it must be worth it to buy it, relying on the price.

Polaris Jet Ski Pros and Cons

If you are confused about whether girlfriend will gain a Polaris jet ski or not, let’s perform down several of the pros and also cons.


Owning a Polaris jet ski has numerous advantages. Among these room the following:

Lower fuel consumptionDesignLow cost

As us know, there are number of Polaris models ~ above the market, and also they differ in terms of fuel consumption. Nonetheless, Polaris has constantly been well-known to develop fuel-effective models. No to mention the reality that each model has actually a sizable fuel capacity. This permits minimal refueling possibility and an uninterrupted speak experience.

For riders, the retro-themed Polaris models are without doubt such an appealing vision to behold. Young riders and also vintage lovers are surely captivated by this watercraft’s colors and designs.

If it is your very first time purchasing a jet ski and you choose a low-budget an individual watercraft, a Polaris jet ski is recommended because that you. Relying on the model and also specifications, girlfriend can uncover one for together low together $300. The cost of the more expensive ones is more than $9,000. However, this is still much more affordable 보다 the counterparts.


The flaw of owning a Polaris jet ski may involve that is specs, replacement parts, and reliability.

Most vintage Polaris jet ski models, if no all, come v standard features. If you space not right into vintage, you might not uncover Polaris draft interesting. Moreover, the recent versions of jet skis have electronic whistles and bells, among others. In other words, in regards to technology, the Polaris jet ski models space not updated.

As for the replacement parts, you might find that a small bit an overwhelming to change defective parts. This means that you can not be able to use her Polaris jet ski for fairly some time. You still have to wait until replacement parts end up being available.

It is true that with suitable maintenance, her Polaris jet ski will certainly most most likely be up and also running for years. However, it might demand more attention contrasted to that is counterparts. The latest jet skis exit by other manufacturers have actually a high-reliability ratio as lock have adapted the recent technology.

Conclusion – Polaris Jet Ski

The Polaris jet ski may not have as good a reputation as other well-known jet ski brands. Nonetheless, the is simply as dependable as the remainder if given appropriate maintenance. Polaris will cost you much less than that rivals. Indeed, a Polaris jet ski is precious buying if it satisfactorily meets her requirement.

Polaris may have stopped production jet skis. Nonetheless, there are still models easily accessible on the market. Amongst these are the following:

SL 650SL 750Pro 785FreedomGenesis IVirage I

If you have been jet skiing for a lengthy time however don’t have actually your very own jet ski yet, you might look right into several Polaris models. For all you know, you will find one the fits her requirement. The Polaris agree 785 model is just one of the optimal choices among racers.

If you room a beginner, then gaining a Polaris jet ski is agreeable. Polaris jet ski models have amazing designs and great features. The quality may be lower than the top quality of jet skis from well-known brands, but they room not bad. Because that its price, the attributes are still fairly impressive. Moreover, you will certainly surely learn to jet ski with a Polaris unit. Because that sure, you will certainly love the watersport even more.

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Then again, her decision come buy a Polaris jet ski or not greatly relies on your budget and also specifications.