In Pokemon Platinum, the final battle pits the player against the Elite 4 & Cynthia. Below is a guide with advice to go into the hall Of Fame.

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Pokemon Platinum is renowned for its challenge spike later on in the game. ~ battling with Victory Road and also defeating your rival for the last time, the time come put every little thing you learned in Sinnoh come the test by beating the elite Four and the famously-difficult Pokemon organization Champion Cynthia.

she team has the just EV-trained Pokemon in the whole Sinnoh region, for this reason you’ll virtually definitely be needing this tips and also tricks to loss her. Let’s develop the ultimate team and strategy and get your Pokemon into the hall of Fame!

Updated January 19th, 2021 through Gene Cole: countless Pokemon fans space hoping for a return to Sinnoh through either a remake or rerelease that Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. Together a result, numerous experienced players are likely returning to take on Cynthia and her powerful friends, therefore there room plenty of various other strategies if you want to survive these tough battles in her Nuzlockes and also playthroughs.

Floatzel do a dashing appearance in the Pokemon anime
Unlike numerous Elite 4 marathons, yes a fairly common set of weaknesses between Sinnoh’s the strongest trainers. Bertha, Flint, and also even Cynthia are all quite fragile to Water-type Pokemon, definition that having actually a team filled with Water-types can carry you to win through many of this battles.

If girlfriend don’t have many, you’ll likely be able to find many Pokemon capable of discovering Surf or Waterfall nevertheless of your type. Difficult to moves like these will provide you some guaranteed damage versus every enemy in her way.

Two that the fully evolved Sinnoh Starters, Empoleon and Torterra, in the Pokemon anime
one of the most classic strategies in all of Pokemon is to merely power-level her initial starter Pokemon, and also it works better than ever in Pokemon Platinum. Infernape, Empoleon, and Torterra are all incredibly powerful competitive Pokemon, and also each one is capable of beating most upstream 4 members single-handedly.

Empoleon is likely the greatest in regards to offense many thanks to the Water-type moveset, but is worth second mention because that its high HP and Grass-type attacks to deal with both Bertha and also Cynthia rather well. Infernape isn’t as an excellent in state of type advantage, yet its high Speed and also Attack stats have the right to still surprise you often.

Infernape making use of a powerful Flamethrower in the Pokemon anime
If you’re taking on a the majority of trainers of various types, it’s crucial to emphasis all your power on Super reliable attacks. Couple of held item can attain this easily, but one hiding in course 221 dubbed an professional Belt will certainly absolutely assist you in this streak of fights.

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This items raises the holder"s damage by large margins whenever hitting through Super efficient moves, definition it’s not as limited as the timeless type-boosting items the only an increase a solitary kind that attack. Simply uncover this item and swap it to whoever girlfriend think will lug your team before each elite 4 member.

A swarm of chaste Bidoofs all set to take a hit in the Pokemon anime
contemporary Pokemon gamings don’t commonly have HM servants anymore, but it’s essential to remember the the other an excellent utility of your is to take it the access time you can’t handle. Lock won’t have the ability to harm your enemies often, yet a fast swap to them prior to a lethal hit deserve to sometimes be the perfect conserving grace in a dire situation.

your Bidoofs, Starlys, and Goldeens make for a good switch-in if you need a rapid turn to heal, so keep them in your team as you go into the upstream 4. It might be rather silly to have actually a Bidoof by your side in her Hall Of reputation portrait, yet it’s worthwhile if the can lug some load from your more powerful fighters.

for a much less usual strategy to deal with these trainers, using protective Pokemon and also the move Leech Seed deserve to be a good way to slowly drain out any type of foe over several battles. This will drain their health gradually each turn, letting you use various other healing moves and also stat-raising moves to maximize her stats while lock fail to take it you down.

These can be hard to usage on Pokemon that aren’t competitively trained, yet the capability to usage items method you have the right to grind money and have number of things to store you perked increase constantly. So long as castle don’t have actually a Super reliable attack, her Leech seeds staller might potentially win whole battle without even dealing direct damage.

Aaron is your very first opponent in the elite Four. He"s a powerful Bug-type Pokemon user that prioritizes rate over strike power. That starts the battle with his Yanmega, i m sorry is particularly dangerous as result of its capacity Speed Boost, which boosts speed after ~ every turn. This means Yanmega can strike first, giving Aaron the benefit right at the start. Making use of moves prefer Trick Room to outsmart the adversary is a an excellent strategy.

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It’s necessary you loss it as soon as feasible with supervisor effective, high power strikes like Thunder or Flamethrower. Bug-type Pokemon are additionally weak to Rock-type, Ice-type and also Flying-type moves, for this reason if girlfriend don’t have actually these moves you have other options. You might hit a stumbling block through his Drapion, i m sorry is a dual-type Poison/Dark Pokemon, yet a powerful Ground-type move should help you obtain through it.

Bertha is a Ground-type expert and the 2nd member the the upstream Four. Walk in there v Grass-type, Ice-type and also Water-type moves and a victory is certain to it is in yours, together her Pokemon no generally defensive enough to withstand Super reliable attacks.

as a bigger warning, though, her Golem and Rhyperior room a pair of even stronger Rock and also Ground-type Pokemon. Fighting, Ground- and also Steel-type moves deserve to be useful to inflict heavy damage on these two if you take place to absence the normal Ground-type counters.

The 3rd member of the Elite 4 is Flint, a dear friend of Sunnyshore Gym Leader Volkner and also a powerful Fire-type Trainer. Every his Pokemon are Fire-types in this version, ~ the lack of Fire-types in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl brought about him having actually a few an overwhelming exceptions.

If you’ve acquired a strong Water or Ground-type Pokemon, this battle shouldn’t give you too much difficulty. Again, Surf and also Earthquake prove invaluable.

The last member the the Elite 4 is certainly the toughest. Lucian is a Psychic-type Trainer with a range of Pokemon across his team. Ghost is a significant weakness though so Shadow ball is wonderful move come learn. He starts with his Mr. Mime and also Espeon, i m sorry are finest defeated making use of Bug, Ghost and Dark-type moves.

His Bronzong is the end next, but a Flamethrower or equally-powerful Fire-type move takes it down. Earlier to Shadow ball or another strong Ghost-type relocate to minimize the hazard of Alakazam and also its high Special assault stat. Climate it’s only Gallade left, who is weak to Flying and Ghost-type moves. Through Lucian left crying ~ above the ground, that on to the Pokemon Champion.

comparable to other champions choose Gary, Cynthia is an all-round Pokemon user, therefore your best bet is to try and match her strength. Her opened Pokemon, Spiritomb, has no weaknesses, meaning it deserve to be extremely an overwhelming to kill after you’ve spent so lot time so much focused top top Super efficient moves. Make sure you take it it down as rapid as possible, or it’ll gradually sweep your whole team.

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Cynthia’s Garchomp is the stuff of legends and also the other major threat. 12 year later, numerous Trainers say there’s no a more difficult fight. Ice and Dragon-type moves are your finest bet. Finally, she Milotic will go down to solid Grass or Electric-type moves, but shot to usage Physical moves if you deserve to as the high distinct Defense can catch most of this Pokemon off guard.

when the experienced Belt is especially helpful, virtually any hosted Item deserve to turn the birds of a battle in the blink of one eye. Even if it is you desire HP-restoring items like Leftovers, or stat-boosting item like fast Claw counts on your battle strategy.

every the members the the upstream Four and also Pokemon Champion Cynthia have their critical Pokemon organize a Sitrus berry, and also if friend have numerous of them it have the right to be a great tool because that yourself as well. The big boost of health will often catch them off-guard, and also give you in ~ least another turn come hit them prior to you faint.

heal items space going to help during this run. It’s extremely unlikely you’ll arise from each battle unscathed, and also even if you execute you’ll still have taken PP access time to prevent you from utilizing moves in later battles. The strongly said you gain a fair pile of Elixirs and also Revives to make certain you have the right to heal up in between each encounter.

an ext than anything else, full Restores room worth the high price tag. When your Pokemon are low in health and also afflicted v a status condition, girlfriend can give them one of these for them come be totally cured. It also saves girlfriend from worrying about the number of Antidotes, berry or Burn Heals you have actually in your pockets.

You can not have had much suffer with in-battle result items before. There"s a selection of items you deserve to equip and also use to provide your Pokemon the edge. HP-restoring berries choose Oran and Sitrus have the right to make the difference between a win and a loss.

Furthermore, stat-boosting items favor X-Attack and X-Defense can give your Pokemon the sheet it demands to to win a specifically tough opponent. If you’ve to be holding ~ above them reasoning they’re useless, it’s absolutely worth acquisition a rotate to rise a stat if you take place to absence Status moves on her Pokemon.

No NPC you discover in Sinnoh is Individual value (IV) or effort Value (EV) trained, v the exemption of the Pokemon league Champion Cynthia. If you desire to it is in level through this fearsome Trainer, you’ll should dedicate a most time to breeding your Pokemon for greater EVs to make certain their stats store up through her.

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EVs room points gained from battling wild Pokemon and Pokemon in Trainer battles. The form of Pokemon you loss determines what set of EV’s are offered out, v Pokemon with one high stats generally granting extr points of the stat as soon as defeated. It’s quite complicated, yet a good way come grind if friend want secondary statistical edge.

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If you’ve tried everything this guide has come offer yet are quiet struggling, there’s constantly the over-leveling strategy. The the strongest Pokemon is Cynthia’s Level 62 Garchomp. By Level 80, you could have sufficient of a level-advantage come take her out. Victory roadway is a good place to grind. An additional option is trying to beat the Elite 4 over and over.

No matter what you choose, make certain you likewise have your Pokemon host a lucky Egg while you grind, together it rises the endure points you knife from a battle. The procedure still might take rather a while come complete, but it’s absolutely worth the moment if you don’t feel as much as Cynthia’s infuriatingly high levels.

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