The game Pokemon mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is a remake of the 2005 DS games. The gamings were called Pokemon mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and also the various other one to be Red Rescue Team. We’ll just call it Pokemon an enig Dungeon DX for the services of this article. That is the goal anyway i beg your pardon is to share some an excellent and reputable Pokemon mystery Dungeon DX cheats. Anyway, this is just a brief summary of the game before we get to the codes.

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The Gameplay

The gameplay in secret Dungeon DX is the very same as Blue and also Red Rescue Team. You start off picking 2 Pokemon the you will usage for your dungeon crawling endeavors. The simple elements the Pokemon remain the very same such as type advantages and also moves.

You quite much have actually your Pokemon roam approximately dungeons and also get items and also complete missions. A great thing is that if her Pokemon leader dies, you can still usage your staying Pokemon.


Pokemon secret Dungeon DX Cheat Codes and also Guides

How to insurance claim Wonder letter Codes

One that the cheats or password you deserve to use in the game is the Wonder mail Codes. The is favor putting game Shark codes hence they deserve to count as secret Dungeon DX cheats. The Wonder Mail makes it straightforward for you since you deserve to input it through the game easily. Friend don’t should do some elaborate steps other than just putting the codes. Right here are the steps you must follow to unlock the codes.

Step 1

Find the Wonder Mail symbol on the food selection which is this letter envelope logo design with a Pelipper as you have the right to see on the photo below.


Step 2

Simply placed the code that you want to case on the north boxes and also enter the password to gain the items.


Step 3

When you put the correct code, you’ll obtain the items and confirmation that you did whatever correctly.


Item Codes

All Power-Up Orb x2, All evade Orb x2, All defend Orb x2SK5P778R
All Power-Up Orb x3, All dodge Orb x3H5FY948M
Apple x185JSK2CMC
Apple x5, huge Apple x5N3QW5JSK
Apple x5, Perfect apple x31Y5K0K1S
Bronze Dojo Ticket x3, silver- Dojo Ticket x2, yellow Dojo Ticket x1Y9911412
Cacnea Spike x120SH8XMF1T
Cacnea Spike x12045QSPHF4
Calcium x2, Zinc x2K0FXWK7J
Calcium x3, Accuracy Drink x390P78R96
Cleanse Orb x5, wellness Orb x5TY26446X
Corsola Twig x120JT3MQY79
Corsola Twig x1203TWJMK2C
DX Gummi & Rainbow GummiXMK95K49
DX Gummi x2H6W7K262
Escape Orb x3, Rollcall Orb x3, Revive every Orb x13XNSQMQX
Evasion Orb x10WJNTY478
Foe-Hold Orb x3, Foe-Seal Orb x5Y6493N3S
Geo Pebble x40, Gravelerock x40, golden Fossil x208QXR93P5
Heal seed x3, tiny Reviver seeds x2H8PJTWF2
Helper Orb x3, Revive all Orb x2SFSJWK0H
Joy seeds x3SR0K5QR9
Life particle x2, Carbos x20R7910P7
Mach Ribbon, gold RibbonCMQMFXW6
Max Ether x186XT1XP98
Max Ether x5, Max Elixir x2SJP7642C
One-Shot Orb x2, Petrify Orb x3, Spurn Orb x3NY7JP8QM
Oran Berry x10, Sitrus Berry x1, Reviver particle x1FSHH6SR0
Oran Berry x18R9945PCN
Pecha Berry x5, Cheri Berry x5, tiny Reviver particle x25JMPH7K5
Power Band, Defense Scarf, gold Ribbon25QQTSCR
Power Drink x2, Accuracy Drink x2, PP-Up Drink x2XT498SP7
Power Drink x3, steel x3MCCH6XY6
PP-Up Drink x3, Max Elixir x3776SJWJS
Protein x2, stole x2JY3XQW5C
Rainbow Gummi x3, Accuracy Drink x36XWHH7JM
Rainbow Gummi x3, power Drink x3WCJT275J
Rainbow Gummi x3, PP-Up Drink x3Y490CJMR
Rainbow Gummi x6SN3XQSFW
Rare high quality Orb x3, Inviting Orb x3, Wigglytuff Orb x1QXW5MMN1
Rawst Berry x5, Chesto Berry x5, small Reviver seeds x23R62CR63
See trap Orb x5, Trapbust Orb x50MN2F0CN
See-Trap Orb x5, Trawl Orb x2, storage Orb x2961WF0MN
Slow Orb x5, quick Orb x5CFSH962H
Slumber Orb x5, waver Orb x57FW627CK
Special Band, Zinc Band, gold Ribbon95R1W6SJ
Tiny Reviver seed x5, Reviver seed x2, Revive all Orb x15PJQMCCJ
Violent particle x3, stun Seed x10, tiny Reviver particle x347K2K5R3

TM Codes

TM – Brutal SwingXNY8PK40
TM – BulldozePFXQPCN3
TM – power BallN0R7K93R
TM – FlamethrowerP5R9411S
TM – emphasis Blast78SH6463
TM – ice cream BeamXMK5JQQM
TM – Leech Life3TY1XW99
TM – zero Ball90P7CQP9
TM – smart StrikeW95R91XT
TM – ThunderboltR13R6XY0
TM – WaterfallJR4113QS

Pokemon Codes

You have to put this Pokemon secret Dungeon DX codes first and lock will give you a mission to complete. As soon as you complete the mission, you can then acquire the Pokemon based upon the code that friend used.

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These are just a pair of Pokemon mystery Dungeon DX codes released throughout the time the the game was released. A lot of these codes were derived through trusted sources and some of them to be officially released by Nintendo. In instance something dorn happens when you’re typing the code, then there space some solutions.

You probably just put the wrong code so you deserve to just try and put it again if girlfriend want. There have likewise been reports that some codes space not working due to the truth that they were released originally for Japanese versions. However, a most the password on this list will work regardless that which version you are playing,